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Cultivate the collective creativity of your community

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Cultivate the collective creativity of your community

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Designed to enhance every part of your event

Before your event

Interactive Event Invitations

Create customizable Piccles-based invitations where attendees can add their own artistic touch, making them feel involved right from the start.

Theme Reveal Teasers

Use Piccles to gradually reveal the event's theme through a series of collaborative drawings, increasing anticipation and engagement.

Idea Generation Boards

Encourage attendees to share their ideas or expectations for the event through Piccles, creating a sense of ownership and collaboration.

During your event

Live Mural Creation

Set up a large screen where attendees can contribute to a live mural using Piccles, showcasing real-time collaboration and creativity.

Breakout Session Feedback

Utilize Piccles in smaller groups or breakout sessions for instant visual feedback or brainstorming ideas.

Real-Time Q&A Illustrations

During keynotes or panel discussions, use Piccles to visually represent questions or responses, adding an interactive element.

Customized Photo Booths

Integrate Piccles with photo booths, allowing attendees to add their own drawings or messages to their photos.

Team-Building Art Projects

Organize collaborative art projects using Piccles to enhance team bonding and networking.

Digital Graffiti Wall:

A dedicated space where attendees can freely express their thoughts or artwork related to the event theme.

After your event

Shared Memories Collage

Compile drawings and artwork created during the event into a digital collage, sharing it with attendees as a memorable takeaway.

Feedback Visualization

Use Piccles to visually represent post-event feedback, making it more engaging and insightful.

Community Art Gallery

Showcase the collective artwork created during the event on your website or social media, maintaining engagement and community spirit.

Brand your brand

Brand your brand

At the 2023 CattleCon held by the National Cattleman's Beef Association, farmers used Piccles to leave their literal brand on the event and enter to win free tickets to the next one.

National Cattleman's Beef Association

National Cattleman's Beef Association

Reminding donors of their "why"

Reminding donors of their "why"

Using Piccles real-time drawing capabilities, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society engaged their top donors and inspired ambitious fundraising goals.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society