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How does it work?

  1. Choose your option between The Free Appetizer & The Business Meal
  2. Download our Live PDF 
  3. Enter the number of Attendees expected
  4. Get your final quote
  5. Send it to our Team!

PS : For gathering over 25 participants buy Extra Piccles Participant Packages, or Picc-Pac’s for short.

PPS : The best part - any unused seats roll over to your next event!

Need some extras ?

Need some help to create the perfect event? We got you covered! 


Live human Moderation

$50/Hr - Highlight drawings and interact with your audience. Moderate inappropriate drawings. Advance to next activity. 

Trained facilitator

175$/30mins - Add engagement by hiring a trained facilitator to lead discuss, comment and animate the experience.

Storytelling Video

Tell a story with a 90 second recap video. Make a long lasting impact in the mind of your attendees. 


Founder of Piccles

Chris is a professional speaker available to speak during your online event to share his thoughts on creativity.

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