Building Community with CRAWL

You might have a business, event company or association and are tasked with building a community. Easy right? You already have a couple thousand followers and newsletter subscribers, you just need to turn them into a community so they can all meet each other, creating an interwoven sweater with your …

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How to get people to show up to your event 

How to get people to show up at your event

For many associations, their annual conference represented 80-90% of their annual revenues. Virtual events are easier to attend but they just don’t make as much money. And if you ARE able to pull off an in-person event, and it has become even harder to get people to show up. “We …

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Piccles Question Bank: Asking the Right Questions during Virtual Meetings. 

Question Bank

Aug 27, 2020 Piccles is a virtual engagement tool that speakers can use in meetings and events to interact with their audience by asking questions and collecting answers through drawings. From the conversations we had with our customers, we have received many inquiries about what questions are the best to …

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Team building Essentials: A Wide Variety of Events You Better Know

Teambuilding Events

Aug 18, 2020 Do you miss the time when you could grab a drink with your colleagues after work for trivia nights? You didn't talk about work, you just had fun and found out about each other's lives. What about the time when your team went on a field trip …

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Event Tech Guide: Latest Trends to Watch in 2020

Event Tech Guide 2020

Aug 6, 2020 So we all know that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in our daily lives. While we're embracing the new normal, we're keeping an eye on what is trending now and what is coming next. We have summed up the latest technology trends for the meeting & …

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The Most Efficient Ways to Measure ROI for Your Virtual Events

Virtual Events ROI

Jul 31, 2020 In the past few decades when print ad had been the most common medium for delivering advertising, how did advertisers measure the effectiveness of those ads in newspaper and magazines? In some cases, the number of discounts or coupon code shown on print ads that has been …

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Presenting on the virtual stage - 5 tips to avoid.

Tips for speakers

Jul 22, 2020 If you're a speaker, MC or facilitator, you've had to adapt your business to the virtual world ? Does a virtual setting make your content more engaging? I hope the answer is yes. However, since your audience is at their home office, coffee shop, or back yard, …

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