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Cattle farmers left their brand on the event

Brand your brand

The National Cattleman's Beef Association (NCBA) needed an easy way to engage their thousands of members who meat at their annual conference every year. Looking for a juicy way for attendees to interact and leave their mark on the event, Kristin Torres, Executive Director of Meetings and Events reached out to Piccles with a unique idea 🧐

Every cattle farmer has their own brand, many passed down generation to generation, and event organizers wanted to capture these brands in one place.

On a massive screen on the show floor, everyone could scan a QR code and draw their brand and enter to win tickets to next years conference.

Piccles email capture functionality was enabled, building a list of all participants, with one lucky winner getting tickets to next years show.

Custom shirts were also created featuring all of the artwork created from the event seen here 👇