Build human connections.

Using technology to enhance human creativity and conversations you can engage your audience in a fun and primitive way.

From five-minute icebreakers to 5-year community engagement campaigns.


Before your Event

Creative communication campaigns for your community.

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Build a Buzz

Engage your audience through social media leading up to your event. They'll have fun, and you'll have creative content to kick off your conference!

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Email Campaigns

Encourage interaction from your first communication so your audience becomes part of the experience from the very beginning.

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Interactive Blog

Create posts that pop by adding easy avenues for your readers to respond and share their thoughts to join the conversation.


Starting your Event

Start your virtual event off right, capture attention and connect with your audience.

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Build trust, get to know each other and kickstart creative thinking.

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Keeping Attention

It's hard to answer email on your phone when you're using it to color with your colleagues.

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Live Polling

Share the spotlight when you ask your audience the questions


During your Event

Keep engagement and attention high as you use Piccles in the battle against Zoom fatigue.

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Audience Q&A

Making education more fun, you can gauge understanding, encourage active learning that evokes creative responses.

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Social Wall

Piccles transforms into a Digital Graffiti Wall for everyone to leave their mark while de-stressing for a few minutes.

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Networking & Games

Pictionary, Who Drew That, 100 person tic-tac-toe, and more. These games are only limited by your imagination.


Closing your Event

Bring everyone together for a shared experience that inspires action.

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Wrap Up Video

You captured their creativity, now close out your event with a recap video featuring everyone in attendance.

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Big Take Aways

Reflect on what people liked, learned, and are looking forward to next time around.

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Collect pledges and let people feel part of something larger than themselves in an exciting, live environment.


After your Event

The cherry on top. Extend the reach of your event by repurposing the creative content captured with Piccles.

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Social Content Creation

Use your Piccles as you please , or have us help you turn them into awesome content ready for social media.

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Custom Campaigns

Your community is still there after they leave your event. Keep them engaged.

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Data Visualisations

Understand your audience and uncover insights that lead to action.

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