Piccles ❤️ Educators

The Creative Classroom Platform

Your students will love this new way to show up in class

A new way to engage students

You work in education because you want to make an impact on students, not stretched and stressed managing expectations of everyone outside of the classroom.

Piccles brings the joy back to learning without being just another thing on your To-Do list (ugh, yes that one).

Show students that their point of view matters and accommodate different learning styles all at once.

A new way to engage students

For Teachers

Easily integrate Social Emotional Learning into your curriculum

Interactive Lesson Plans

Teachers can integrate Piccles into their lesson plans to create interactive and visually engaging content, helping students to better grasp complex concepts through visual learning.

Classroom Collaboration Projects

Utilize Piccles for group projects where students can collectively create art or visual representations of their learning, fostering teamwork and creativity.

Feedback and Assessment

Teachers can use Piccles as a creative medium for students to submit assignments or provide feedback on lessons, making the process more engaging and less formal.

For Principals

Understand the mental health of your teachers

School-Wide Art Exhibitions

Principals can organize school-wide art projects using Piccles, where students from different classes and grades contribute to a collective artwork, fostering a sense of community and school spirit.

School Improvement Feedback

Collect feedback from students and staff on school improvements or initiatives through creative Piccles inputs, making the process more inclusive and visually appealing.

Parent Engagement

Use Piccles during parent-teacher meetings or school events to involve parents in a collaborative art project, showcasing the school’s emphasis on creativity and community.

For Professional Development

A new tool in your utility belt for professional development

Training and Workshops

Use Piccles in training sessions for teachers, showcasing how it can be used as an educational tool, and encouraging teachers to think creatively about lesson delivery.

Collaborative Research Projects

Facilitate research and discussions among educators about innovative teaching methods using Piccles as a collaborative platform.

Team Building Exercises

Incorporate Piccles in team building activities during professional development sessions, helping educators to bond and brainstorm in a fun, creative environment.

As a facilitator, it is always nice to have fresh, creative ways to tap into a group’s ideas and this was perfect since our entire year of planning was via Zoom. What a hit! And the video, it always bring a smile to my face when I watch it.

Deborah Orth
Project Assessment Administrator
Elgin Community College