We're champions for creativity and connection in a world of consumption.

Piccles releases us from the synthetic experience of likes, comments and endless newsfeeds by reconnecting to our true and individual expressive nature.

"An unfiltered, unedited humanity…. much needed in a world that is curated by machine-generated algorithms. You show up as a life force, visible in every gesture, every line, every movement."


The origin story

Piccles was birthed from the beige confines of the corporate world as Chris' soul was slowly crushed grinding through 120 sales calls a day.

Feeling a complete lack of creativity, he felt empty, and with no discernable dancing, singing, or artistic skills to scratch the itch, he didn't know what to do.

And like a sock in the dryer, one question wouldn't stop tumbling around his brain:

How can people reach their creative potential without being in the "Creative Department" of their company?


In a Piccle

Making art was the first thing that came to mind.

Drawing seemed like the best way to tap into the creative expression, but instead of spending hours trying and failing to create a drawing, I could break up the drawing into 100 smaller pieces for 100 people to do.

That way, there’s no pressure to be perfect, it’s anonymous, and there’s a much shorter time commitment because no single contribution has to be perfect.

The emotional and aesthetic attraction is in the primitive and random aggregation, the sum of unpolished parts.


Cutting dills

Piccles, a collaborative coloring book which gets its name from a combination of Pictures and Pixels was born on May 15th 2016.

We continued to experiment and in April 2018 right before the MIT Creative Arts Competition, we migrated to a web-based platform.

This opened additional opportunities for Piccles including in the healthcare, meetings and events, qualitative research, civic engagement, corporate social responsibility and community building industries.


On a mission

Humans are social creatures, designed to work together. When one group of people can behave like an extended organism, we accomplish extraordinary things.

Our mission at Piccles is to launch moments for creative expression across diverse groups that result in a shared connection, and extended bonds that...

draw humanity together.


Our values


Humans' #1 superpower. It's the engine of innovation, feeds into flow states and makes us feel whole. There's nothing more fulfilling than making original thoughts a reality.


When we feel for another person, it opens the door to love, understanding, and unity. It is the glue that keeps relationships and organizations together and a peaceful salve for the divided.


It allows us to understand things, test things, and experiment because it's about the joy of doing, not the outcome. It enables growth and fosters connection while fueling creativity and innovation. All things we love!


Our People.

We are an international team of designers, developers, artists and entrepreneurs based in Boston and Montreal passionate about building products to warm up communities. We do this because it's f**ing cold up here so we love warming up. 

If you think you'd be a good fit for our team, drop us a line and let us know how you want to contribute.


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