Let's start with the name

Piccles comes from Pictures + Pixels

Everyone draws a little picture and comes together to form the BIG PICTURE.

Deliberatively Primitive

Painting the Mona Lisa must have been hard. Leonardo da Vinci had experience, creative confidence, natural talent and awesome art supplies. We don't. Good thing we're not trying to recreate the Mona Lisa.

Piccles is a primitive form of expression and communication. Since the first cave paintings humans made 70,000 years ago, we've been using our fingers to express our feelings, thoughts and ideas.

You might be thinking "But I suck at drawing!" Don't worry, we all do too. Thats why the color pallette is limited, the drawing area is small, and it's anonymous. Expect it to look bad, there's no pressure to be perfect.

It's more fun that way.

How it all began

Piccles was birthed from the beige confines of the corporate world where creative is in your job title, and everyone without it should do as instructed.

We believe that everyone is creative, it's just waiting to be awakened and exercised.

So we're building a tool for people to express their imaginations and build creative confidence.

Our top three emotions are:


As long as you're having and expressing original ideas, you're being creative. Humans' #1 superpower, it powers our progress and puts us in flow. We haven't found anything more fulfilling than manifesting our imaginations.


When we don't understand each other, we fear each other. Understanding opens the door to love, listening, acceptance, support and unity. It is the glue that keeps relationships and organizations together and bridge of peace between the divided.


It allows us to understand things, test things, and experiment because it's about the joy of doing, not the outcome. It enables growth and fosters connection while fueling creativity and innovation. All things we love!

The People.

We are an international team of designers, developers, artists and entrepreneurs based in Boston and Montreal passionate about building products to warm up an audience. We do this because it's f**ing cold up here and so we love warming up. 

If you think you'd be a good fit for our team, drop us a line and let us know how you want to contribute.

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