Here's the dill

The pandemic we're experiencing has created a threat to our emotional, physical and financial health.

The stress caused by the fear, the unknown, and the lack of connection to our tribe is taking a toll on our mental wellbeing. As Humans, it's part of our nature to thrive in communities, to feel each other's presence, and be part of something bigger.

Work and life have merged. although we hope that the re-connection with our relationships, barking dogs, interesting reads and mother Earth, which brought a new level of authenticity and humanity into our lives, is here to stay.

Although, many still fear being rejected by our tribe.

So what can leaders do to make sure everyone is integrated and heard?

That's where Piccles is here to help.

Draw your heart out

Drawing is a way to connect to the soul. Giving an a tool for people to be able to express themselves in a different way. Human have been doing drawing for thousands of years.

"I'm not an artist...I suck at drawing" - we know how it goes. We specifically created Piccles for you, the "non-artist" (spoiler alert, you are an artist if you decide to be one).

Piccles isn't about making great art, it's about expressing yourself however you want in an anonymous, inclusive and social way.

By allowing everyone to express themselves authentically and uniquely, Piccles will help you to make everyone included in a safe virtual environment.

We don't put anyone in a box, we just give everyone one to draw whatever they wish in.

Don't forget to have fun!

How it all began

Piccles was birthed from the beige confines of the corporate world where creative is in your job title, and everyone without it should do as instructed.

We believe that everyone is creative, it just needs to be remembered.

So we began creating a tool to exercise our imaginations and awaken our inner child waiting to be unleashed into the World.

Tap into your emotions


Defined as the use of imagination or original ideas, it is the driver of innovation but only happens when these ideas are visualized and manifested ?


The glue of society, our ability to understand the feelings of other people and treat them accordingly enables us to co-exist, communicate and collaborate effectively ?


Reduces stress and improves mood having fun helps to boost creativity, energy, productivity and overall cognition. It's like our brains revert back to being a child again ?

So who are we?

Name first...

In our fast paced society, we h8 pronouncing whole words which is why we often abbreve (abbreviate) picture as pic. And just like a piglet is a little pig, a Piccle is a little pic. And lots of them are Piccles.

For those who didn't go to art school, or haven't made art since it was taught in 4th grade, it's scary drawing a big picture and sharing it with the World.

That's why we've built Piccles, an interactive platform for lots of peeps to draw a little pics together, taking the pressure off being perfect and allowing everyone to be part of the big picture.

Because everybody needs to feel like they're an important part of something larger than themselves.

The People.

We are an international team of designers, developers, artists and entrepreneurs based in Boston and Montreal passionate about building products that warm up audiences. We do this because it's f**ing cold up here so we're good at warming up. 

We're always looking for passionate professionals to be potential Piccles 'ployees! If you'd like to join our team, drop us a line and let us know your super powers.

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