The story of Piccles


"Piccles release us from the synthetic experience of likes, comments, and endless newsfeeds by reconnecting to our true and individual expressive nature." - a wise man


The Origin Story

After signing the contract for his first corporate job, Chris found his sentence was to be carried out in solitary confinement - the phone booth. Seeing the seasons pass as he suffered through hundreds of sales calls, Piccles was conceived as a way to keep alive the creative spark that were quickly dying in this beige box of boredom.


Being creative without "being a creative"

After discovering the majority of others also don't feel like they're living up to their creative potential, Chris had an idea to make creative expression less intimidating - a Collaborative Coloring Book.

Instead of one person creating art and sharing it with the world (scary), many people could create one piece of it anonymously and share THAT with the world (fun, easy and social).


Going deeper with drawings

We began experimenting with different prompts to stimulate imagination and expression, moving from visual prompts like the Mona Lisa to text prompts like "how are feeling today?"

But the drawings are just the start.

The real magic comes from the conversations and connections that emerge after the drawing.

Case study

How it started

A collaborative coloring book for communities to co-create art in a matter of minutes.

Case study

How it's going

A visual communication platform that provides a snapshot of the inner world of individuals and the overall group sentiment.



On a mission

Collective intelligence is shared wisdom that emerges from the collaboration of many individuals.

It is the recognition that the whole is more than a sum of its parts.

We are on a mission to move humanity forward with massive collaborative experiences. Creating connections, promoting diversity and unleashing imagination to run wild and accomplish the extraordinary.

to draw humanity together.


Our values


Drawn to the unknown, we like questions with a million correct answers. "What if..." "Why not..." and "...that's weird." kick off most of our adventures which are started without an end destination.


Humans' #1 superpower. It's the engine of innovation, feeds into flow states and makes us feel whole. There's nothing more fulfilling than making original thoughts a reality.


When we feel for another person, it opens the door to love, understanding, and unity. It is the glue that keeps relationships and organizations together and a peaceful salve for the divided.


The Scribble Squad

We are an international team of designers, developers, artists, and entrepreneurs based in Boston and Montreal passionate about building products to warm up communities. We do this because it's f**ing cold up here so we love warming up.

If you're passionate about people and using technology to bring them together, say hello!


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