The Science behind Piccles

Doodling might seem like a simple activity, but it's actually a powerful tool for enhancing memory, improving concentration, and sparking creativity. Think of it as an exercise for your brain, where each sketch helps you unlock cognitive benefits. Let's explore how something as simple as doodling can bring joy and connection into our lives through Piccles.

The Impact of Doodling

Boosting Concentration and Memory

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"Draw the person on your right"

Doodling is more than just a pastime; it's a subtle yet effective way to enhance brain function. Studies indicate that doodling while multitasking, like during a phone call or a lecture, can significantly improve focus. This process engages your brain in a unique way, combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Surprisingly, doodlers retain nearly 30% more information than those who only take notes. This means your casual sketches might be unlocking a deeper level of cognitive processing.

Doodling as a Form of Communication

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"How do you feel about the overall state of the world?"

Doodling has deep roots in our history. Our ancestors expressed themselves through drawings long before the development of spoken language.

For example, early human sites like the Blombos Cave in South Africa reveal geometric drawings that represent early forms of symbolic communication. These sketches were more than just art; they were the foundation of complex cognitive processes.

Today, doodling remains a powerful tool for expressing thoughts and emotions, serving as a visual language that complements our spoken words.

Doodling in Personal and Professional Growth

From Doodles to Career Paths

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"When you imagine the future, what does it look like?"

Consider how doodling can lead to career inspiration. Take Nicola Scott, who started by doodling Wonder Woman’s face and eventually turned this habit into a career in graphic novel illustration. Her story shows how simple doodles can lead to significant career decisions and success.

Doodling for Mental Wellness

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"What does love look like to you?"

Doodling can also be a form of mental relaxation, similar to meditation. In today's fast-paced world, doodling offers a moment of calm. Research shows that doodling can reduce stress levels, with the repetitive motion having a soothing, meditative effect. This has been particularly beneficial in therapeutic settings, such as for cancer patients, highlighting the power of doodling as a tool for mental self-care.

Understanding the Science Behind Doodling

Enhancing Focus and Problem-Solving

Doodling is more than just a way to keep your hands occupied; it's a proven method for enhancing focus. Research featured in Inc. Magazine suggests that doodling can help people stay engaged and understand new concepts more effectively. It functions as a cognitive aid, assisting in organizing thoughts and navigating stressful situations. By doodling, you activate parts of your brain involved in processing information and solving problems, effectively turning those casual sketches into tools for better focus and clearer thinking.

Boosting Mood and Reducing Stress

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"Draw happiness"

Doodling also serves as a mood enhancer and stress reducer. A study in The Arts in Psychotherapy shows that doodling increases blood flow to the brain's frontal cortex, associated with pleasure and well-being. This activity has been scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels, the body's primary stress hormone. Remarkably, 75% of participants in art-related activities, including those without innate artistic talent, reported lower stress levels, highlighting doodling's effectiveness as a stress-relief tool.

Improving Memory Recall

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"Draw your first job"

A fascinating aspect of doodling is its impact on memory. A 2011 study found that doodling can lead to a 29% increase in recall ability. This suggests that doodling aids the brain's 'default network', enhancing attention and memory retention. It's as if your casual sketches during a meeting or lecture can significantly boost your ability to remember important details.

Expanding Creativity through Doodles

Encouraging Creative Thinking

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"When you imagine the future, what does it look like?"

Doodling is a gateway to creativity. Sunni Brown, cited by Fast Company as one of the "100 Most Creative People in Business," argues in "The Doodle Revolution" that doodling is essential for innovative thinking. Doodling isn't just about creating art; it's about activating a part of your brain that excels in thinking divergently, solving problems creatively, and generating new ideas. As Mark Parker, the former CEO of Nike, pointed out, doodling can clarify and enhance brainstorming, opening up new avenues for creative exploration.

Broadening Our Understanding of Doodling

Beyond creativity, doodling has far-reaching impacts. Ongoing research highlights its diverse benefits, including improving mood and stimulating the brain’s reward pathways.

Interestingly, specific forms of doodling, like drawing within or around a circle, are particularly effective in increasing brain stimulation and enhancing the sense of reward. This body of evidence emphasizes that doodling is more than a simple hobby; it's a potent tool for enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

It is such a fun and satisfying product and really does bring people together.

Barbara Palmer
Deputy Editor, Convene Magazine

Piccles: Facilitating the Art of Doodling

Integrating Scientific Insights into Doodling

Piccles is more than a simple drawing platform; it's a tool that integrates the scientifically backed advantages of doodling. Acting as a bridge between casual sketching and cognitive and emotional growth, Piccles leverages the focus-enhancing, creativity-boosting, and stress-relieving aspects of doodling. The platform offers a space for freeform drawing and sharing, aligning well with research that shows a 29% improvement in memory recall and notable enhancements in mood and stress levels for those who doodle.

Piccles’ own research

In today's data-driven world, Piccles made a significant leap forward in 2021 by blending the qualitative with the quantitative. In partnership with RE-AK Technologies, a leader in AI and biometric analysis, Piccles set out to numerically capture the emotional resonance of their platform. This endeavor was more than mere research; it was a commitment to empirically substantiate the joy and engagement that users have anecdotally celebrated, with concrete data.

RE-AK, situated in the dynamic Palais de congrès de Montréal Event Lab, employed advanced technology to detect subtle shifts in facial expressions and eye movements, thus quantifying emotional responses. This pursuit culminated in a clear visualization of Piccles’ impact on emotional engagement, as shown in the chart below.

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Chart showcasing the comparative impact of Piccles, a conference speaker, and a baseline on participants' emotions, with Piccles leading to a notable increase in positive emotional response as measured by RE-AK Technologies.

The term amplitude here describes the intensity or power of an emotional response, as indicated by physiological cues. It’s a crucial metric because it quantifies not just the occurrence but also the strength of emotional reactions.

In the context of Piccles, high amplitude responses are indicative of more than transient expressions of happiness; they signal a profound engagement, hinting at an enriching and memorable user experience.

Piccles significantly outperformed the baseline and even the engagement levels of a typical conference speaker in terms of emotional response. This robust engagement underscores Piccles' capacity to foster a deeper connection, enhancing any virtual event with a palpable sense of community and joy.

This innovative approach to measuring emotional impact translates the ephemeral nuances of human emotion into a tangible dataset. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Piccles' potential to not just elicit a reaction, but to create a resonant experience that deeply affects user experience, setting Piccles apart as a tool that doesn't just entertain, but genuinely connects and uplifts its users.

Piccles significantly outperformed the baseline and even the engagement levels of a typical conference speaker in terms of emotional response.

Piccles: Real-World Impact and Applications

Piccles is not just a platform for drawing; it's a versatile tool that facilitates engagement, creativity, and emotional well-being. This is evident in various real-world applications of the tool.

  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: During their Man & Woman of The Year campaign, the society used Piccles to engage top donors virtually. Participants used the platform to visualize and share their motivations, contributing to ambitious fundraising goals and maintaining momentum for their crucial mission.
  • Atlassian's Remote Team Building: For Atlassian, a remote-first company, fostering team connection is vital. Piccles played a key role in their team-building exercise, especially in integrating new employees. Through interactive questions and creative expression, team members shared personal stories and interests, enhancing camaraderie and understanding within the team.
  • Martin Luther King Day Celebration in Montgomery County: The county used Piccles to involve the community in visualizing their dreams and hopes during the Martin Luther King Day celebration. This innovative use of the platform demonstrated how digital tools could enhance community engagement and reflection on significant cultural and historical events.

In each of these cases, Piccles transcended its role as a mere drawing tool. Whether it was fostering team spirit, aiding in fundraising, or facilitating communal reflection, the platform proved instrumental in enhancing cognitive functions and emotional well-being, reflecting the diverse benefits of doodling identified in various studies.


Doodling, often overlooked as a trivial pastime, actually harbors significant cognitive and emotional benefits. It's a practice that enhances memory, increases focus, encourages creativity, and alleviates stress. Piccles leverages these advantages, offering an intuitive and interactive platform. It transforms doodling into a practical tool for personal development, educational enhancement, and professional growth.

Give it a try – doodle your way to discovering hidden potentials, connecting with others, and experiencing the simple joy of creation. Remember, in every scribble and sketch, there's a world of possibility waiting to be unlocked.