It feels good, now find out why.

The Benefits of Drawing

Manage Emotions

Drawing anonymously is a safe method for processing emotions converting negative feelings into neutral balance without judgement

Increase Focus

Drawing promotes well-being by calming your mind and lowering anxiety. It also improves concentration and helps with focus.

Promote Joy

Greater creativity breeds greater happiness. The creative process is itself a source of joy for most people.

Reduce Cognitive Load

Drawing is known to be the most accessible way of helping the mind relax so you can reduce stress, spark fresh ideas and solve problems.

Psychological Safety

Creating a container to experiment and fail together while laughing about our fat fingers and fugly drawings.

Greater Productivity

When overwhelmed, just 5 minutes of drawing will help you refresh, recharge and reset your thoughts to get back into flow.


Reducing stress in presidents

26 of 44 American Presidents doodled, from Theodore Roosevelt, who doodled animals and children, to Ronald Reagan, who doodled cowboys and football players, and John F. Kennedy, who doodled dominoes.

In one of the most stressful jobs, read how drawing helped them deal with it HERE.

Case study

Information Retention

Those that doodled were better at paying attention to the message and recalling the details. They recalled 29% more information!

Case study


Each brain is wired a little differently. Visual communication can allow for people with ADHD, Autism and speech impediments to participate in a way they feel comfortable


Piccles release us from the synthetic experience of likes, comments, and endless newsfeeds by reconnecting to our true and individual expressive nature.


Evidence in Art Therapy


Red means anger, but it can also mean love. By examining the colors used, we can learn about the emotional state of the creator.


Organic or angular - the shape of ones drawing can be analyzed to understand how peaceful or anxious they might be.


From a tiny heart to a big bursting one, how a drawing fills up the page reveals unspoken insight into the feeling behind it.


Deliberately Simple

Intentionally designed without bells and whistles, Piccles raw functionality makes room for authentic expression to happen.

No overthinking. No masterpieces. No mistakes.


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