Piccles, the virtual engagement tool, using drawings to share feelings

Virtual icebreakers and team building activities that combine Art + Tech.


It works everywhere

We easily integrate with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and all other video conferencing platform. 

It takes you less than 20 minutes to get up and running on the platform, and your audience 20 seconds. No download required.

Use it for your : 

  • Virtual Icebreakers
  • Team Building Engaging Activity 
  • Audience Poll
  • Virtual Creative Session 
  • Workshop Facilitation 

Collect data that tells a story

Your audience wants to feel heard.

Unleash their creative expression within the constraints of Piccles to allow for every little picture to reveal the big picture.  

Collect drawing data from your audience and create content/video that will last in time.

We had a ton of fantastic feedback about Piccles— to say that you were an incredible addition to the event would be an understatement!

Victoria Woronuik

Steve Levine Entertainment

I hired Piccles and it was such a great creative/emotional break for our participants. The wrap-up video at the end was a perfect way to cap off what was a 3 day event for us. Thank you!

Elizabeth Glau


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