Piccles is a visual communication tool for sharing art and ideas.

  • Run better remote retrospectives
  • Icebreaker for meetings and events
  • Stimulate creative thinking and innovation

Stay creative during Corona

Use Piccles to keep your team feeling and functioning like one.

  • Exercise imagination and let everyone play a part in daily challenges. 
  • Engage your team during virtual meetings.
  • Brainstorm ideas, share feelings and work better together during these crazy times.


Easily engage everyone whether you're in-person or remote.


Ask questions, receive drawings have better conversations.

Qualitative Data

Finally a fun way of sharing feelings and ideas.


Share feedback visually for quicker and clearer processing.

Interacting with audiences is tough, especially with larger groups. Piccles was inviting enough for everyone, including introverts, to participate” 

Sylvain Bernut

Professor, University of French Polynesia

Piccles excited me SO much ! it's one of the best innovations I've seen since joining the facilitation world.

Robyn Gallant

Founder and Facilitator

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