MLK Celebration on Public Television

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Montgomery County Maryland visualized their dream together

MLK Celebration on Public Television

Montgomery County Maryland holds an annual Martin Luther King celebration. That is, until Covid restrictions prevented all indoor gatherings from happening.

But the show must go on! Luckily, there were hours of dance, spoken word and songs recorded from previous celebrations. But it was missing that something special. A way for the audience to interact and engage with the experience.

That's when city officials turned to Piccles to provide the engaging element they were missing.

The stakes were high - this was being broadcast online AND on public access television, so absolutely nothing could go wrong. And certainly nothing inappropriate could show up on screen 🍆.

To acommodate, the Piccles team custom build a feature to turn off real-time reveal, and approve of every drawing before it showed up.

Thousands of families around Montgomery County tuned in for the spectacle, and when Piccles showed up, scanned the QR code and began drawing.

In the first segment, we asked audiences to draw how the words of MLK made them feel, and share what their dream was.

The deluge of drawings pouring in proved too much for our team of moderators to approve, and we were pleasantly surprised with how appropriate they were, so for the second segment, we turned real-time reveal back on.

The drawings that came in were heartworming as citizens expressed their hope and love for their community, echoing the peace that MLK advocated for.

In the two 10 minute sessions of the event, over 700 citizens participated in the creation of over 3,000 drawings on the platform.

And to cap it off, these drawings were transformed in a matter of minutes into this video which was played for the closing ceremony.