Creative Mornings Gets Creative

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Creative Mornings Virtual Field Trip

Creative Mornings Gets Creative

Creative Mornings is a global community of designers, dreamers and doers from around the world who share a love of learning, connection and coffee ☕️

The founder of Piccles, Chris Bent, led an online group of 222 creatives in a visual exploration and conversation about creativity.

The activities were created with Creative Morning's colors to stay on brand, and started out by taking the temperature of the room by asking what color everyone was feeling.

Then, to better understand everyones personal relationship to creativity, the color palette was restricted to red, green and yellow with the instructions to color it all green if it's a big YES, all red if it's a big NO, and to get creative if you're somewhere in the middle.

People got creative. Next we shared our creative outlets with one-another.

And what was keeping everyone from reaching their creative potential.

Then looking at the future self we want to become, what super power we'd need to develop to realize this potential.

And no superhero is complete without their own crest.

And to see how the 45 minute workshop affected any mood, we asked the same question we started out with.

Comparing the first question with the last, it's clear everyone was feeling more energized, grateful, joyful and fresh.

All drawings were then downloaded and turned into a this shareable wallpaper for the community.