Visual Music

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Virtual creative workshop for culture, DE&I, innovation, and wellness

Visual Music

Synesthesia is the crossing over of senses and found in 2-4% of the population. Some people can see colors and shapes when they listen to music, while others associate certain numbers and letters with specific colors, or hear a sound when they eat certain foods.

Led by a globally recognized composer, Visual Music explores how our sense of hearing and seeing can work in concert to more fully experience our world.

Utilizing both sides of the brain, participants transform visual shapes into sounds, and sounds into graphic abstraction in a one hour virtual session led by composer and artist Nathan Hall.

This fun visual-sonic collage is filled with laughter and reveals how each person thinks and perceives in a unique way.

How it works

As an ice breaker, everyone will share their favorite sound (and nothing boring like the sound of the ocean).

We will translate sounds to abstract drawing and drawings back into sound (see video below for how Nathan Hall acts out his favorite drawing, guess what the sound is before you hit play!).

For the main exercise, we will listen to a music compilation and use the Piccles digital drawing tool to create a sonic collage where everyone will illustrate what they hear. You will be amazed to see how everyone hears and sees differently! That’s true empathy!

Visual Music is perfect for creative team building, DE&I and Neuro-divergent ERG workshops, and empathy-building communication skills workshop.

To learn more and book this virtual event, visit the 28 Muses website or email Alyssa at [email protected]