Drawing Success: Elgin Community College's Strategic Plan Visualization

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Elgin Community College utilizes Piccles to generate alignment around their strategic plan, making the process more engaging and enjoyable.

Drawing Success: Elgin Community College's Strategic Plan Visualization

Executive Summary

  • Elgin Community College used Piccles to generate alignment and enthusiasm around their new strategic plan.
  • The process involved stakeholders drawing their responses to a series of questions, which were then compiled into an engaging video.
  • The resulting video received high praise during the unveiling, generating excitement and positivity among attendees.

The customer

Elgin Community College is a public community college in Elgin, Illinois, serving over 12,000 students annually. The college offers a wide range of educational opportunities, including associate's degrees, certificates, and continuing education programs.

Challenges and Objectives

Developing a strategic plan can often be a challenging and routine process, lacking engagement and excitement from stakeholders. In an effort to generate more alignment and enjoyment during this crucial stage, Elgin Community College sought out a new approach. The college wanted to break people out of their mundane routines and get to the core of what impact they aimed to make in their community.

How Piccles Helped

Deborah Orth, Project Assessment Coordinator at Elgin Community College, utilized Piccles to help stakeholders visually express their thoughts and feelings about the college's strategic plan. By answering a series of six questions through drawings, participants could engage in a fun, interactive, and creative way that led to more authentic responses and a better understanding of each other's perspectives.

Responses were submitted via email and private messages, allowing for flexibility and convenience during the submission process. Once collected, Deborah compiled the visual representations into an engaging video to showcase at Elgin Community College's opening day convocation, where their new strategic plan was rolled out.

As a facilitator, it is always nice to have fresh, creative ways to tap into a group’s ideas and this was perfect since our entire year of planning was via Zoom. What a hit! And the video, it always bring a smile to my face when I watch it.

Deborah Orth
Project Assessment Administrator
Elgin Community College


The unveiling of the strategic plan was met with enthusiasm and excitement from attendees. The Piccles-created video received high praise during the event, generating comments like "impressive," "amazing," and "cool" in the Zoom chat. After the program, Elgin Community College's Chief MarCom Officer personally commended Deborah for her efforts, highlighting the positive feedback from attendees who were engaged and inspired by the visual presentation.

After the program, Elgin Community College's Chief MarCom Officer personally commended Deborah for her efforts.

Check out the video below:

Future Plans

Elgin Community College plans to continue incorporating creative and engaging elements into their strategic planning process, ensuring alignment and enthusiasm from all stakeholders.