Virtual Networking Incubator

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Virtual Networking Incubator

The biggest challenge associations face is member engagement. Busy professionals have very little time, and actively engaging in every forum, fundraiser and event can feel overwhelming.

That's why Arianna Rehak of Matchbox Virtual Media and Amanda Kaiser of Smooth the Path teamed up to understand how associations could better deliver what all of their members consistently ask for - networking opportunities.

Piccles was used during these virtual meetings as an icebreaker, data collection tool, and conversation companion.

The tool was introduced by drawing a doodle.

Before diving into more substantiative subjects, like "do you even like networking?" resulting in this data visualization.

And to add a little color to the conversation, everyone drew a flower 🌷

In a poll to conclude the experience, Piccles was voted as the most likely offering association professionals would offer their members.