Conference Scavenger Hunt

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Break activities and scavenger hunt to encourage participants to explore and engage

Conference Scavenger Hunt

Quebec's leading B2B retail trade show called TAG invited retailers, entrepreneurs, government organizations, non-profits, students and anyone with an interest in retail and entrepreneurship.

With a need to keep the audience engaged, especially during the breaks in programming, organizers ran an experiment with Piccles to try and maintain attention when it was most likely to be lost in a phone.

This worked by giving everyone a chance to draw together during the break times. Before everyone left for their coffee break and dinner break, a Piccles QR code was displayed on the screen.

Returning from the break, participants discovered their collective work together. This helped add energy before and after the break times, and helped get butts back in seats.

Additionally, to encourage participants to explore the space further, a QR code scavenger hunt competition was held throughout the conference.

In the catering area and near the coffee makers, participants found QR codes camouflaged everywhere. There were 5 in total, and by completing the creative challenges for each prompt, those with the highest participation rate had a chance to leave a prize.

For this, Piccles enabled their email capture capabilities, which also provided conference organizers with a list of emails of their most engaged participants.

After the conference, multiple graphics were created like the one below highlighting the sponsors and attendees who attended.

And of course, winners of the scavenger hunt won a special prize 🥳