Countdown Doodles: Ringing in the New Year with Piccles

Jon Zajac
Jon Zajac

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New Year's Eve
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Welcoming the New Year

New Year's Eve is a celebration that marks the conclusion of one year and the beginning of another. Families and friends around the world gather to reflect on past milestones and set intentions for the future. It's a time of joy, hope, and anticipation, often observed with fireworks, toasts, and countdowns. The holiday resonates with the universal emotions of nostalgia for the year passed and excitement for the new opportunities ahead.

Piccles: A Digital Canvas for the New Year

Piccles introduces a novel twist to New Year's Eve celebrations by inviting people to express their aspirations, memories, and joy through drawing. This audience engagement platform encourages everyone to share their creativity, regardless of artistic skill. With Piccles, the stroke of midnight can include a vibrant collection of drawings that capture the spirit of the holiday, adding an interactive and memorable layer to the festivities.

Sketching Resolutions and Reflections

Imagine a virtual gallery of resolutions, or a collage of the year's most cherished moments—all drawn by you and your loved ones. With Piccles, people can illustrate their New Year's resolutions, sketch the highlights of the year, or simply doodle their hopes for the coming year. Collaborative drawing activities can become a new tradition, as participants toast to the New Year while contributing to a collective masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of celebration and togetherness.

Certified fresh Piccles prompts

  1. Countdown Doodle Collaboration: People can contribute to a collective doodle that represents their hopes for the new year, enhancing a sense of community.
  2. Year in Review Sketches: People can draw their most memorable moment from the past year, which can prompt reflection and storytelling.
  3. Future Predictions Canvas: Participants can illustrate their predictions for the upcoming year, sparking discussions about expectations and wishes.
  4. Firework Art Display: People can draw their own fireworks, creating a virtual firework display that is safe and creative.
  5. New Year's Toast Illustration: Invite people to draw their ideal New Year's toast, fostering a celebratory atmosphere.
  6. Dress Up Avatar Challenge: People can draw their avatars in festive New Year's outfits, promoting engagement and fun during the event.
  7. Global Traditions Gallery: Individuals can share drawings of how they or their culture celebrates New Year's, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.
  8. Midnight Kiss Reimagined: Friends can draw their version of a New Year's midnight kiss, adding a touch of humor or romance to the party.
  9. New Year's Eve Bingo: Create a bingo game where each square is filled by drawing a common New Year's Eve item, such as champagne or party hats.
  10. Virtual Time Capsule: Participants can draw something they want to remember from the year and share it, creating a virtual time capsule.
  11. Resolution Support Pals: People can draw their resolutions and others can volunteer to be their support buddy for the year.
  12. Yearly Theme Concept Art: Attendees can illustrate what they see as their personal theme for the coming year, helping them set an intention.
  13. Party Hat Design Studio: Everyone can design a unique party hat, then vote on the most creative or funny creation.
  14. Goal Setting Doodle Board: Participants can doodle their goals and plans, making goal setting a more engaging and visual process.
  15. Gratitude Graffiti Wall: People can express what they're thankful for from the past year through drawings, fostering a positive mindset.
  16. New Year's Meme Contest: Invite people to draw a New Year's related meme and share laughs over everyone's creativity.
  17. Before and After Year Sketch: Invite participants to draw themselves at the start of the year versus the end, highlighting personal growth or changes.
  18. Resolution Roadmap: People can draw out a roadmap for their resolutions, creating a visual plan for success.
  19. New Beginnings Brainstorm: Groups can collaborate on drawing something that represents new beginnings, inspiring change and fresh starts.
  20. Top Moments Countdown: Draw the top moments from the past year, encouraging reflection and appreciation of the year's high points.
  21. Champagne Toast Tribute: People can create tributes to what they are toasting to in the New Year, sharing their hopes with friends.
  22. New Year's Eve Mask Ball: Participants can draw and decorate virtual masks to bring mystery and excitement to their New Year's celebrations.
  23. Past Year Regrets Release: Individuals can draw something they regret from the past year and then visually 'release' it, symbolizing a fresh start.
  24. New Year's Eve Pictionary Game: Host a Pictionary game with a New Year's theme, providing entertainment and connection between guests.
  25. Dream Destination for the Year: Invite people to draw their dream destination to visit in the upcoming year, inspiring travel and new experiences.