New Year, New Doodles: Ring in the Year with Piccles

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Jon Zajac

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New Year's Day
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Introduction to New Year's Day

New Year's Day rings in the first of January with fireworks, toasts, and celebrations as the clock strikes midnight. It's a day imbued with hope, setting goals, and embracing new beginnings. Traditionally, people celebrate with parties, family get-togethers, and making resolutions for the year ahead. There's an air of rejuvenation and the excitement of a clean slate. New Year's Day is a universal moment of collective transition, where people around the world share in the anticipation of what is to come and reflect on the year that has passed.

Piccles: A New Canvas for the New Year

As a fresh year unfolds, Piccles introduces a digital canvas to the celebration, capturing the spirit of New Year's Day through creative expression. This engaging tool allows people to come together online and collaboratively create a tapestry of hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the year ahead. Drawing might traditionally be seen as an individual activity, but Piccles turns it into a communal experience, perfect for a holiday that's all about togetherness and new perspectives. Whether it's crafting fireworks in a riot of color or sketching out resolutions, Piccles adds a personalized touch to the festivities.

Drawing in the New Year with Piccles

Piccles bridges the gap between tradition and technology, offering a unique platform to usher in the New Year. People can use Piccles to share their New Year's resolutions in a visual format, drawing out their goals and ambitions with friends and family to see. It's also an ideal virtual space for creating group murals of fireworks or other holiday symbols, turning individual contributions into a collective masterpiece. The endearing charm of every 'delightfully ugly drawing' makes for a memorable and fun start to the year. As people gather, in person or remotely, Piccles serves as a canvas for expression, connection, and shared joy as the calendar turns to another year.

Certified fresh Piccles prompts

  1. New Year's Resolution Drawings: People can draw their New Year's resolutions, encouraging them to visualize and commit to their goals. This can spark conversations about aspirations, habits, and overall personal growth.
  2. Reflection Drawings: People can draw something they are thankful for from the past year. This encourages gratitude and retrospection.
  3. 2021 Timeline Drawings: People can outline their year in a timeline layout. This can help them remember the milestones, problems overcome, and happy moments of the year.
  4. Future Self-portraits: People can draw a portrait of their future self, emphasizing their personal growth goals.
  5. New Hobby Drawings: People can draw a new hobby they want to try, encouraging exploration and learning.
  6. Bucket List Sketches: People can create a drawing bucket list for the new year, sparking adventurous and positive thinking.
  7. Family Portrait Drawings: People can sketch a family portrait, promoting family bonding and nostalgic feelings.
  8. Drawings of Next Holiday: People can illustrate where they'd like to go for vacation next, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and joy.
  9. Change Drawings: People can draw one thing they would like to change in the new year. This can incite conversations about self-improvement.
  10. 20 Things I Want to Do Drawings: People can draw 20 things they'd like to do next year, fostering personal challenges and excitement.
  11. New Year Fireworks Drawings: People can sketch a scene of fireworks, fueling creativity and the festive spirit.
  12. Prosperity Drawings: People can sketch what prosperity looks like to them, inspiring economic and personal growth.
  13. Dashboard for Life Drawings: People can draw a dashboard for the different aspects of their life like health, relationships, and work, to visualize balance and progress.
  14. Dream Job Drawings: People can depict their dream job, promoting career aspirations and discussions.
  15. To-be-read Book List Drawings: Book lovers can sketch a list of books they want to read in the new year, fostering a love of reading and shared recommendations.
  16. Lesson of the Past Year Drawings: People can illustrate the most important lesson they've learnt in the past year, encouraging wisdom and self-reflection.
  17. New Year Party Scene Drawings: People can sketch what their ideal New Year's Eve party would look like, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.
  18. 2022 Goals Drawings: People can draw their goals for the upcoming year, encouraging goal-setting and future planning.
  19. Fitness Goals Drawings: People can illustrate their fitness goals for the new year, promoting health and wellness.
  20. Learning Goals Drawings: People can depict new skills or subjects they want to master in the new year, fostering a culture of learning.
  21. Gratitude Drawings: People can sketch what they are most grateful for, spreading positivity and thankfulness.
  22. Favorite Moment of the Year Drawings: People can draw their favorite moment from the past year, encouraging a discussion of personal highlights.
  23. 2021 in One Word Drawings: People can interpret their past year in one word via a sketch, promoting introspection and creativity.
  24. Two Things to Leave Behind Drawings: People can draw two things they want to leave behind as they enter the new year, encouraging letting go and moving forward.
  25. Motivation for 2022 Drawings: People can illustrate their main source of motivation for the upcoming year, promoting inspiration and purpose.