Gratitude Graphics: Saying Thanks During National Thank You Month with Piccles

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Jon Zajac

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National Thank You Month
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The Essence of National Thank You Month

National Thank You Month is recognized in January as an extension of the gratitude felt during the holidays. It's a time dedicated to expressing appreciation to those around us—family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers who've made a difference in our lives. Traditionally, this has been done through thank-you notes, acts of kindness, and verbal acknowledgments. This month emphasizes the power of gratitude, an emotion that reinforces bonds and fosters a supportive community.

Piccles: A New Canvas for Gratitude

Piccles offers a creative and interactive way to celebrate National Thank You Month. By providing a digital space where people can create and share drawings, Piccles taps into the joyous and playful side of expressing thanks. Instead of just saying 'thank you,' Piccles allows everyone to show it in a unique and visual form. The quirky and individual style of each person's drawings adds a personal touch that goes beyond words, making your expressions of gratitude stand out.

Drawing Together Thanks with Piccles

During National Thank You Month, Piccles can be seamlessly integrated into the celebration by inviting people to draw what they are thankful for or to create a digital 'thank you' card for someone special. These drawings can be shared on social media or directly with the person they're thanking, adding a modern twist to the traditional thank-you note. Groups can also hold drawing sessions where participants simultaneously contribute to a collective canvas of gratitude. This not only results in a diverse tapestry of thanks but also strengthens the sense of community and shared appreciation.

Certified fresh Piccles prompts

  1. Gratitude Chatrooms: People can create digital spaces to share their drawings of what they are thankful for, sparking meaningful conversations.
  2. Draw a Thank You note: People can draw digital Thank you notes for their loved ones, a unique and creative way to show appreciation.
  3. Gratitude Wall: People can draw pictures of kindness they've received, then display them in a collective digital gratitude wall.
  4. Thankfulness prompts: Piccles can provide daily prompts for people to draw something they are thankful for, encouraging established practice of gratefulness.
  5. Partner Appreciation Activity: Couple users can draw pictures of what they appreciate in each other, fostering meaningful connection and gratitude.
  6. Family Gratitude Project: Families can create a joint drawing of things they are grateful for, nurturing a sense of togetherness & shared gratitude.
  7. Community Appreciation Drawings: People can draw pictures expressing their appreciation for their local community or important community figures, promoting community connection.
  8. Gratitude Journal Entries: People can draw their daily gratitude journal entries, making the practice more engaging and visually expressive.
  9. Company Thankfulness Activities: Companies can use Piccles for employees to draw things they appreciate about their colleagues or job, fostering a positivity in the work environment.
  10. Teacher Appreciation Drawings: Students can draw pictures to show their appreciation for their teachers, providing a heartwarming and unique thank you.
  11. Draw a Gratitude Jar: People can draw their own version of a gratitude jar, adding in things they’re grateful for on each time they use Piccles.
  12. Public Servants Appreciation Drawings: People can express their gratitude to healthcare workers, firefighters, mail carriers, etc, by drawing features of their hard work.
  13. Non-profit Thankfulness: People can create appreciative drawings for non-profit organizations, highlighting their significant work through art.
  14. Gratitude towards Nature: People can draw scenes from nature they are grateful for, promoting environmentally friendly appreciation.
  15. Gratitude for Simple Things: People can draw representations of simple everyday things they are grateful for, encouraging appreciation of little joys.
  16. Pre-school Thankfulness Activities: Young children can draw pictures of things they are thankful for, encouraging the development of gratitude at a young age.
  17. Gratitude Time-capsules: People can create a 'gratitude time-capsule', drawings of things they're grateful for, to be revisited in the future.
  18. Pet Appreciation Drawings: People can draw their pets or aspects of their pets for which they are grateful for, fostering appreciation and connection with their pets.
  19. Global Thanksgiving: People can draw objects, individuals or ideas they are grateful for in the world, fostering a broader sense of gratitude.
  20. Thankfulness towards Past Experiences: People can create drawings showcasing past experiences they are grateful for, thereby reminiscing and appreciating them.
  21. Appreciating Different Cultures: People can draw and learn about aspects of different cultures they appreciate, increasing cultural appreciation and awareness.
  22. Thanking for Life Lessons: People can draw about life lessons that they are thankful for, transforming challenges into appreciative learning experiences.
  23. Gratitude towards Self Growth: People can draw about how they've grown over time, fostering self-appreciation and promoting personal growth.
  24. Thanking the Good Deeds: People can draw about good deeds they have seen or experienced, promoting appreciation for kindness in society.
  25. Gratitude towards Life’s Journey: People can draw about their life journey and the aspects of it they appreciate, promoting a wholesome view of one's life journey.