Drawing Inspiration: Ideas for National Mentoring Month with Piccles

Jon Zajac
Jon Zajac

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National Mentoring Month
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Introduction to National Mentoring Month

January is a month of new beginnings, resolutions, and giving back, recognized as National Mentoring Month. This observance celebrates mentoring and the positive impact it has on young lives. It's a time to appreciate the mentors who selflessly give of themselves to nurture and guide others on their personal and professional paths. Traditional celebrations include sharing stories of mentorship, showing gratitude to mentors, and encouraging more people to become mentors. This month evokes feelings of gratitude, inspiration, and a strong sense of community.

Piccles: A New Way to Celebrate

This National Mentoring Month, discover a fresh, fun way to express the growth and joy of mentorship with Piccles. A digital tool that transforms the essence of this holiday into interactive art, Piccles offers an accessible platform for mentors and mentees alike to share their creativity and appreciation for one another. Unique in its approach, Piccles allows individuals to create digital drawings that capture the emotions and experiences between mentors and mentees. Celebrating with Piccles adds a delightful twist to expressing gratitude and commemorating the connections made through mentorship.

Connecting National Mentoring Month with Piccles

During National Mentoring Month, Piccles becomes a virtual canvas on which mentors and mentees can collaborate to illustrate their mentorship journey. Imagine a gallery of digital art where each drawing represents a pivotal moment or lesson learned from the mentoring experience. Participants can also craft a collective collage that symbolizes the community's shared growth and support. Engage in friendly drawing challenges to reflect on the progress made, or simply spend time sketching together to strengthen the bond between mentors and mentees. Piccles provides a playful and inclusive space to capture the spirit of mentorship in a way that can be shared and cherished by all.

Certified fresh Piccles prompts

  1. Mentor-Mentee Portrait Challenge: Allows people to visualize and appreciate the unique characteristics of their mentor or mentee.
  2. Dream Job Drawing: By drawing their dream job, mentors can inspire mentees by sharing their own aspirations and previous career paths.
  3. Draw Inspirational Quotes: These drawings can serve as motivational reminders and conversation starters.
  4. Years from Now Visualization: Creating a drawing of where they see themselves years from now can encourage goal-setting and future planning.
  5. Draw Your Mentor/Mentee: Promotes understanding and appreciation for the roles each person plays in the other's life.
  6. Shared Interests Drawing: Finding and drawing shared interests can strengthen the mentor-mentee bond.
  7. Problem-Solving Art: People can visually depict a problem and its potential solution, fostering creative problem-solving skills.
  8. Career Milestones Drawing: This allows mentors to share their journey and evoke discussions about handling ups and downs in a career.
  9. Draw Your Obstacles: Visualizing challenges can be a starting point for tackling them, encouraging resilience and persistence.
  10. Book Cover Creation: Drawing a cover for a book that impacted them can lead to meaningful conversations about influences and inspirations.
  11. First Day Visualization: Drawings about their first day in a new role or environment can help mentees prepare for transitions and challenges.
  12. Key Life Lessons Drawing: Promotes sharing of wisdom between the mentor and mentee.
  13. Gratitude Art: By drawing what they're thankful for, people can foster a positive mindset and appreciate each other.
  14. Future Partnership Drawing: Envisioning how the mentor-mentee relationship might evolve encourages long-term commitment.
  15. Draw Your Superpower: Highlighting each person's unique skills and strengths can build self-esteem and mutual admiration.
  16. Path to Success Drawing: By visually depicting their path to success, mentors can inspire their mentees and show them that success is achievable.
  17. Reward System Art: Rewarding accomplishment with drawings can make goal achievement more tangible and exciting.
  18. Visual Brainstorming: Drawing during brainstorming sessions can lead to unique ideas and solutions.
  19. Draw a Favorite Memory: Sharing memories can bring comfort and strengthen bonds.
  20. Draw Your Role Model: This exercise can trigger conversations about desirable traits, values, and inspiring figures.
  21. Draw Your Relaxation: Showing how they unwind can help in understanding each other's self-care practices and preferences.
  22. Biggest Achievement Drawings: Drawing their proudest moments can boost self-esteem, inspire mentees, and foster appreciation for past hard work.
  23. Draw Your Favorite Book's Lesson: Allows for sharing of knowledge and wisdom extracted from a beloved piece of literature.
  24. Cultural Heritage Drawing: Sharing drawings about their cultural heritage can foster mutual understanding and respect.
  25. Draw Your Heroes: Exercises like this allows mentors and mentees to share their inspirations and understand each other's values.