Lincoln Likenesses: Honoring Lincoln's Birthday with Piccles

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Jon Zajac

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Lincoln's Birthday
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Introduction to Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln's Birthday, celebrated on February 12th, honors the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, one of America's most renowned leaders. This day commemorates his contributions to United States history, particularly his efforts in preserving the Union during the Civil War and his push to abolish slavery through the Emancipation Proclamation. Traditionally, people observe this day with educational events, reenactments, and visits to historical sites related to Lincoln's life. The holiday is imbued with a sense of deep respect and reflection on the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality that Lincoln championed.

Piccles: A New Way to Celebrate

This Lincoln's Birthday, bring a fresh twist to your celebration with Piccles – a digital platform where everyone can express their artistic side. With Piccles, families, schools, and communities can honor Lincoln's legacy by creating art that reflects his enduring values and the impact he left on the nation. Whether you're artistically inclined or favor 'delightfully ugly drawings,' Piccles provides an inclusive and engaging way to celebrate this historic day, helping you to share and connect through the universal language of creativity.

Connecting Lincoln's Birthday with Piccles

Utilize Piccles as a unique canvas to commemorate Lincoln's Birthday by drawing themes associated with his life and work. Engage in an interactive group drawing session to depict scenes from Lincoln's historic moments, or express what equality and freedom mean to you through digital sketches. Educators can create a collaborative drawing project, inviting students to illustrate their learnings about Lincoln and the Civil War. With Piccles, you can create a vibrant tapestry of art, connecting people through shared historical reflection and artistic expression, while building new traditions in our digital age.

Certified fresh Piccles prompts

  1. Draw Your Favorite Lincoln Moment: People can share their favorite historical moments of Lincoln, fostering a greater appreciation of his legacy.
  2. Draw Lincoln's Hat: People can bond over recreating Lincoln's iconic hat. This can be a fun and light-hearted activity.
  3. Draw Lincoln's Lincoln Memorial: This allows people to share their impressions and interpretations of a significant landmark.
  4. Draw Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: This celebrates Lincoln's emancipation work and sparks discussion on human rights.
  5. Draw an Alternative Lincoln Portrait: Allows people to explore their creativity while celebrating a historical figure.
  6. Draw Lincoln as a Superhero: This promotes humor and fun while acknowledging Lincoln's positive influence.
  7. Draw Lincoln meeting contemporary figures: Provides a way to blend history with present day, encouraging creative thought.
  8. Draw a modern Lincoln: This prompts a dialogue about changes in society since Lincoln's time
  9. Draw a timeline of Lincoln's Life: Allows people to share knowledge about Lincoln's life and history.
  10. Draw Lincoln's Log Cabin: Enables a more personal understanding and appreciation for Lincoln's humble origins.
  11. Draw your own $5 bill: This can be a hilarious way to incorporate Lincoln's image into everyday life.
  12. Draw Lincoln's pets: This encourages people to explore lesser-known aspects of Lincoln's life, offering a more humanized perspective.
  13. Draw the Gettysburg Address: Enhances understanding of one of Lincoln's most important speeches through visual interpretation.
  14. Draw Lincoln's Assassination: This sparks dialogue on the tragic loss of an influential leader.
  15. Draw Lincoln's signature top hat and beard: People can have fun recreating these iconic features.
  16. Draw Lincoln's contributions to the American Civil War: This helps people to explore and understand this significant period in American history.
  17. Draw a Lincoln-inspired fictional character: This allows people to use their creativity to generate a fun, whimsical character.
  18. Draw a map of Lincoln's journey from log cabin to White House: This promotes a better understanding of Lincoln's life story.
  19. Draw a scene from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: Allows people to explore a fun and fictionalised version of Lincoln.
  20. Draw Lincoln delivering a speech to a modern audience: This stimulates engagement and discussion on how historical figures would fit into today's society.
  21. Draw a presidential mascot inspired by Lincoln: This can be a fun and engaging team activity.
  22. Draw Lincoln's Dreams: This lets people imagine a deeper, more personal aspect of Lincoln's life.
  23. Draw your favorite Lincoln quote: Promotes discussion and reflection on Lincoln's wisdom.
  24. Draw Lincoln's ghost haunting the White House: This can be a fun, spooky theme for Halloween-inspired activities.
  25. Draw Lincoln's adventures through time: Invokes the whimsical concept of 'historical time travel', encouraging creative thinking and story-telling.