Beat the Blues Sketches: Finding Joy on Blue Monday with Piccles

Jon Zajac
Jon Zajac

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Blue Monday
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Understanding Blue Monday

Blue Monday is reputedly the most depressing day of the year, typically falling on the third Monday of January. This concept was originally conceived by a travel company to encourage people to book holidays, based on factors like weather conditions, debt levels, time since Christmas, and broken New Year's resolutions. It's not an official holiday but has gained recognition as a day that encapsulates post-holiday blues and a general dip in mood. Unlike holidays associated with positive sentiments, Blue Monday is often linked with feelings of melancholy and a lack of motivation.

Piccles: A New Blue Monday Tradition

Piccles offers a unique digital platform to bring a splash of color and communal joy to the otherwise dreary Blue Monday. It's a tool that allows people to channel their feelings into creative expression through drawing. The interactive and easy-to-use nature of Piccles provides a novel way to navigate the holiday's blues. By emphasizing connectivity and creativity, Piccles turns the tables on Blue Monday, transforming it into an opportunity for shared experiences and artistic expression, all from the comfort of your own digital device.

Brightening Blue Monday with Piccles

Piccles can become a part of Blue Monday in various ways, encouraging people to draw their feelings or aspirations as a form of cathartic release. It could be used to host a virtual event where participants collectively draw what makes them happy, perhaps starting a new tradition of turning Blue Monday into a more positive experience. Schools and workplaces could use Piccles to host drawing activities designed to boost morale, and individuals might find solace in creating a personal gallery of uplifting images to combat the Blue Monday mood. These shared creations can become beacons of positivity that people can look back on and remember that even on Blue Monday, they are not alone in their experience.

Certified fresh Piccles prompts

  1. Blue Monday Art Competition: Hold an art competition with the theme 'Blue Monday'. This will engage users, stimulate creativity and lighten the mood on what is considered the gloomiest day of the year.
  2. Blue Self-Portraits: Ask users to draw self-portraits on Blue Monday. This can inspire introspection and a sense of individuality.
  3. Act of Kindness Drawing: Prompt users to draw an act of kindness they did or received, promoting positivity and generosity.
  4. Favorite Blue Object: Users can be asked to draw their favorite blue object. This will not just trigger creativity, but also ignite fun and engaging conversations about their personal preferences and why.
  5. Gratitude Doodles: Have users draw one thing they are grateful for. This can promote a positive mindset on a gloomy day.
  6. Holiday Dreaming: Have users draw their dream holiday destination, allowing them to daydream about happier times.
  7. Blue Monday Mood Drawing: Ask users to illustrate how they feel on Blue Monday. It’s a unique form of self-expression and a conversation starter.
  8. Ridiculous Monster Design: Ask users to draw the most ridiculous monster they can think of. This will introduce an element of fun and laughter to what is usually considered a sad day.
  9. Words of Encouragement: Ask users to illustrate a word or phrase of encouragement to share positivity.
  10. Future Planning: Prompt users to draw something they want to achieve in the future. This will help them stay focused and optimistic.
  11. Blue Food Challenge: Ask users to draw their favorite food in blue, it could be a fun and challenging task.
  12. Draw a Happy Memory: Prompt users to draw their happiest memory. This will help shift their mood to something more positive.
  13. Pets in Blue: Ask users to draw their pets in blue, which can be a funny and light-hearted activity.
  14. Positive Mantra Illustration: Have users illustrate a positive mantra, spreading encouragement and motivation.
  15. Blue Movie Scene: Ask users to draw their favorite movie scene using the color blue. This can spark fun discussions about popular films and how they perceive them.
  16. Draw a Favorite Song: Prompt users to depict their favorite song in a drawing. This not only sparks creativity, but also shares a bit about their musical taste.
  17. Coloring Contest: Host a coloring contest with different themes that users can participate in. This encourages interaction and lighthearted competition.
  18. Blue Monday Blues Music: Ask users to draw blues music or musicians, which can be a tribute as well as a conversation starter for blues music lovers.
  19. Beating Blue Monday: Ask users to illustrate a way to beat the Blue Monday blues. This can help users find new ways to uplift their spirits.
  20. Draw a Comfort Food: Prompt users to visualise their favorite comfort food. This can invoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and happiness.
  21. Draw your Favorite Book Cover: Ask users to draw their favorite book cover in blue. This can spark conversations about their preferred reading genres and authors.
  22. Draw a Blue Peaceful Scenery: Have users draw a peaceful scenery using blue. This can help induce calmness and relaxation in the users.
  23. Draw a Happy Emoji: Ask users to draw a happy emoji. This puts people in a positive mood and promotes happiness.
  24. Laughter Challenge: Draw what makes you laugh. It's a nice way to lighten the mood and share funny moments with others.
  25. Draw a Personal Hero: Have users draw a person they admire. This can spark discussions about role models, inspiring stories and personal aspirations.