Seeing the love for NFP

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Seeing the love for NFP

It can be lonely as a visiting nurse. You're driving to new mothers in your community and offering all the help you can. It can be emotionally draining, especially when done without your own support network. The Nurse Family Partnership exists to give these nurses the support they need and a community that inspires to continue this difficult work at the best of their abilities.

With community and connection so important for these nurses, Cari Roberts, an Independent Event Planner for NFP, was concerned their virtual event wouldn't deliver those same "warm fuzzy feelings" that in-person experiences would. That's when she reached out to Piccles to help the community connect and spread joy to eachother.

It began with a Love Notes to Nurses campaign targeted at all of the new mothers who had received support from a visiting nurse. Sending a simple link through email, moms were able to easily participate, and soon a flood of responses started coming in. "They are the SWEETEST little love notes too, melting." Cari declared upon seeing them.

With all of the notes collected, the Piccles Content Creators set to work transforming them into a video you can watch here.

Why was Piccles used?

  • Give new moms a way to show their gratitude to their nurses
  • Warm up the virtual audience during their conference
  • Generate content and share the message

How did the NF association use Piccles?

  • Pre-event engagement campaign
  • Custom Video
  • 2,000 person Icebreaker during the conference

How long were the activities?

  • 15 day pre-event campaign to collect love notes from nurses
  • 10 minute icebreaker
  • 3 minute custom video wrapping up the conference

What questions were asked?

  • How did your nurse make a difference in your life?
  • What brings you joy?