Opening Keynote at the Hospitality and Design Summit

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Founder of Piccles Chris Bent opened the show at the Hospitality and Design Summit

Opening Keynote at the Hospitality and Design Summit

To open up the 2021 Hospitality Design Summit, Rachel Long - VP of Content at Emerald Design Group hired the founder of Piccles Chris Bent to tell his story and use Piccles to engage and connect the audience.

On each circular table was a QR code and a "magical crayon" sponsored by Williams Sonoma to help facilitate the drawing experience.

Kicking things off with lighthearted audience interaction and pushing everyone juuust a little outside their comfort zones ("I suck at drawing" is the official disclaimer people use before diving in) the tone was set for joyful connection throughout the rest of the conference.

After the event, Rachel provided the feedback "Thanks again for delighting our audience with the Piccles platform—and your candid and often humorous commentary on our group’s art. We are so happy it worked out for you to appear."