National Association of Realtors Annual Conference

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National Association of Realtors Annual Conference

During their first virtual conference, the 1.5 million member strong National Association of Realtors were venturing into uncharted territory. Never having held a virtual event of this size and scope, there was a scramble to deliver a memorable experience Realtors around the country have come to expect.

That's when Heidi Henning, Vice President of Meetings and Events at the National Association of Realtors got a message from her colleague to check out this product called Piccles which was just used in a teambuilding event with the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors.

A plan quickly came together to incorporate Piccles as an icebreaker in each of their 25 committee meetings along with a 30 minute facilitated networking activity for all attendees.

Realtors around the country had a blast drawing and interacting with each other, and were delightfully surprised to see the thousands of drawings collected and incorporated into graphics throughout the event, all focused around the theme of "Find your R".

With just a 24 hour turnaround time, this video was also created to put a bow on this groundbreaking event.