Invent your name in Chinese

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Invent your name in Chinese

In this virtual workshop, Jing Wang Herman uses the transformational power of Chinese Calligraphy to reinforce identify and share what's meaningful to us with each other. The evolution of Chinese Calligraphy from drawings to pictographs to modern characters is a story of innovation and resilience, and shows that our identity can keep evolving.

Has your name influenced your identity and how you view yourself?

How it works

First, Jing start with an ice breaker where everyone shares the meaning of their name and what their parents told them about who and why they chose that name.

Then she goes over an overview of Chinese Calligraphy, its history, ties to Chinese culture, and depending on the Chinese holiday they are celebrating, some themes related to that holiday.

Then the group uses Piccles digital drawing tool where everyone will draw 3-5 things that they love and represent them now. "It’s always fun to guess who drew what and a time of getting to know each other better."

Lastly, everyone will combine those 3-5 elements and invent a Chinese character that represents them. It’s not about making it look Chinese, creativity is about original thought and using everyone’s unique expression to build authentic connection.

This event is perfect for DEI initiatives and results in empathy and trust as everyone walks away rejuvenated and with their own unique Chinese character for their name.

To learn more about this event and book the experience, visit 28Muses or email [email protected]