Cross Cultural Communication

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MDRT translates Piccles into the languages of all their members for inclusive participation

Cross Cultural Communication

The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) had a problem. Their association of of financial professionals is global, with members from diverse countries and cultures, many of whom speak different languages.

Oh, and it was a hybrid event 🥵

With a desire to be inclusive and accommodating to their international audience, Lauren Bugielski, Meeting Planner at MDRT reached out to Piccles with an idea...

If they could translate the different questions attendees were asked into their native language, everyone could DRAW their responses and immediately understand how each other felt.

This required some custom development however, so the Piccles team translated the experience into Cantonese, French, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Thai.

They were also hosting a hybrid event, using the MeetingPlay platform to engage audiences around the world who couldn't make it to the in-person event.

For a seamless experience there, Piccles embedded their collaborative drawing boards right into the platform using iframes.

And to cap things off, all drawings were downloaded and turned into this recap video to be played at the conclusion of the conference, and shared with everyone who couldn't make it to create some FOMO.