Creating Community in the Oncology Unit

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Creating Community in the Oncology Unit

The role of a Child Life Specialist is to be a ray of sunshine during the difficult treatment of kids in long term care.

After Piccles won the Montreal Hacking Health competition, they connected with Nurses and Child Life Specialists at Montreal Children's Hospital to run a pilot project.

The idea was simple: use the cathartic act of coloring to build community and connection without requiring kids to leave their rooms or even beds.

This was a requirement because these kids battling cancer had weakened immune systems, so sterilization is is critical.

On a brisk May day, 10 kids in the Oncology Unit all joined Piccles from their rooms to connect with eachother. They drew their face

Collaborated on their favorite magical creature.

And someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

The kids had a great time, wondering who their fellow collaborators were and saving their art to print out and hang in the hospital.