Coordinating Student Creativity

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A doodle challenge distributed to an entire district.

Coordinating Student Creativity

The Situation

Ali Wade, a graphic designer in the communications department of Columbus City Schools, found herself in a unique position when tasked with creating a magazine cover that every student in the district could participate in. Inspired by the idea of doodled collages, Ali sought an innovative solution to gather artwork quickly and efficiently from a broad and diverse student base. This is where Piccles became a crucial tool in executing her vision.

The Challenge

The primary hurdle Ali faced was the tight timeframe coupled with the need to involve a large number of students in the creative process. Additionally, maintaining consistency in the submissions—specifically in terms of color scheme—was essential for the magazine cover’s aesthetic coherence. The project not only required a creative approach to design but also an effective strategy for mass participation.

The Solution

Ali turned to Piccles, which she had previously used at a conference. Recognizing its potential beyond the typical use-case, she adapted Piccles to suit her specific needs for this project:

  • Color Control: Piccles allowed Ali to set specific color palettes that aligned with the school district’s colors, ensuring visual consistency across all submitted doodles.
  • Prompt Provision: By setting up prompts in Piccles, Ali could guide the students’ creativity, ensuring that the submissions met the thematic requirements of the project.
  • Easy Distribution: Ali utilized Piccles’ link-sharing feature to easily distribute the drawing tool to teachers across the district, who then passed it on to their students.

The Implementation

The process began with Ali setting up the project on Piccles, choosing appropriate colors, and creating prompts that would inspire the students. Once the setup was complete, she distributed the link to teachers via email. Students were given a week to submit their doodles directly through Piccles.

As submissions poured in, Ali was able to monitor the incoming artwork in real time, ensuring everything was in line with her vision. The tool’s intuitive interface made it easy for students of all ages to participate effectively.

The Outcome

The result was a vibrant and meaningful magazine cover, composed entirely of student artwork, that perfectly encapsulated the creativity and spirit of Columbus City Schools.

The front and back covers can be seen here:

The covers were well-received by students, parents, and staff alike, celebrating not only the students’ artistic abilities but also their collective identity.

The Testimonial

It’s been really wonderful and Piccles has made it easy, fun and really exciting as I can receive the results in real time!

Ali Wade, Graphic Designer, Columbus City Schools