What does love look like?

"Love" is a concept as old as time, yet endlessly open to interpretation. At UMass, students were prompted by Piccles to give form to this feeling, answering the question: "What does love look like?" Their responses, crafted with the strokes of digital brushes, offer a mosaic of what love means to a new generation.

These drawings, each a distinct expression, together weave a narrative that speaks to the varied dimensions of love. There's the steadfast presence of parents, the playful comfort of pets, the strength found in a friend's embrace, and the simple joy of a free moment amidst the hustle of student life.

UMass students, in participating with Piccles, remind us that love's appearance is as diverse as those who experience it. Each image, each color, each line comes together to form a larger picture—one that captures the communal and individual aspects of love.

Piccles serves as the canvas for these personal yet universal stories, bringing to light the intimate depictions of love in its many forms.