What do you need most right now?

In a world that moves at breakneck speed, we paused and asked UMass students a grounding question: "What do you need most right now?" The answers, illustrated with sincerity and a touch of whimsy, offer a window into the hearts of our youth.

The artwork you see captures the essence of immediate needs, ranging from the intangible to the amusingly concrete. One student illustrates the concept of 'Free Time' with a clock, signaling a universal yearning for a moment to breathe. Another drawing shows the comforting image of 'My Parents,' reminding us of the enduring need for familial support.

A playful 'Hug' from a bright creature echoes the simple yet profound need for physical connection, while a 'Stop' sign juxtaposed with directional arrows speaks to the desire for pause and guidance in a world that’s always in motion.

These drawings from UMass students bring to light the common threads that unite us: the need for time, connection, love, and the occasional pause. Through their candid artwork, they share a collective voice—a voice that speaks to the power of acknowledging our needs.

Piccles provides a platform for these voices, transforming fleeting thoughts into lasting images. It's not just about what we need, but about the common humanity found in those needs.