Draw Happiness

What is happiness? It's a question that philosophers have pondered and poets have sung about, but sometimes, it's best expressed through the language of art. At UMass, students were asked to 'Draw Happiness', and the results are as bright and uplifting as the emotion itself.

The collection of drawings showcased here is a radiant array of what brings joy to these young minds. A serene seascape at sunset, a cool sun donning sunglasses, the tranquil beauty of a dawn chorus, an elephant and a dog portrayed with cartoonish delight—all represent the varied hues of happiness.

Each piece tells us that happiness is found in the simplest of things: in nature, in laughter, in the absurdity of a sunglasses-wearing sun. It's a reminder that joy does not reside in grand gestures but often in the quiet corners of our everyday lives.

UMass students have shared their visions of joy through Piccles, creating a gallery that's sure to bring a smile. Their artwork serves as a universal language, communicating the shared experience of what it means to feel happy.

Piccles is proud to present these snapshots of happiness, inviting you to find a little bit of your own joy in these playful interpretations.