Combatting Zoom Fatigue: 5 Tips to Beat the Burnout

Zoom Fatigue

Jun 11, 2020 Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being packed in consecutive Zoom meetings day after day? Has it been hard to keep attention during remote meetings or events? Have you ever felt physically exhausted after sitting in front of your screen for long hours? If yes, you're probably ...

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Getting comfortable with creativity

Getting Comfortable with Creativity

Mar 4, 2020 "Oh crap, I'm the worst drawer in the world" This though, accompanied by an initial feeling of uncertainty was how Piccles was first met during MPI's Meeting Design Virtual Summit when I asked everyone to draw themselves. Despite the individual creativity required in the events industry, many ...

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Feb 16, 2020 As the first blog post on this fancy new website, and the first blog post that I have ever written and published, the "credibility building" section my mentor thought I should start out with is not going so hot. But starting is the hardest part. Going from ...

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