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Piccles is a great tool to keep your students engaged and test understanding, spark discussion and invite imaginations to run free.

Easily keep your students attention

Ask questions

Students engage from any device

Real time reveal


Engage everyone, everywhere

No downloads are required, it's easy to incorporate Piccles on any device, in person or remotely.

Get started with inspiration from our question bank.


Better class discussions

After asking your question, click on drawings to enlarge them and give the author the floor to explain their drawing.


Empower students to tell their story

Matthew Glennon is a Professor and Educational Consultant at the University of Massachusetts. After using Piccles to engage his in-person classes for years, Covid happened and forced everyone home.

That's when he asked students to visualize their experience and created this video during the first semester of the pandemic.


Classroom swag

After class, it's easy to share drawings with parents or turn into souvenirs.

Case study


Transform classroom creations into beautiful content.

Case study

Data Visualisation

Categorize drawings to analyze and understand sentiment

Case study


Made by students, for students.


"Piccles is one of my (and my students) favorite virtual classroom tools"




"...a fantastic tool to engage students in visual and graphic discourse with a very low barrier to entry..."

Andrew Todd Marcus

Art Resource Collaborative for Kids


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