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You're busy and don't want to learn a new technology? Let us take care of it! We'll do the setup, live facilitation and recap video creation - or talk with us about customization for your one-of-a-kind experience.

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Don't lift a finger

Trained Piccles Professionals are here to help, from setting the activities to animating the experience

Customized to you

Your event and audience are unique. After hearing your goals, we'll design an experience just as extraordinary.

Feel together again

Fun and inclusive activities that build creative confidence and leave everyone feeling part of something bigger.

Live Facilitation

We'll do the tech run-throughs, consult on the questions, and run the entire experience.

Recap Videos

Tell a story with the creative qualitative data that was generated during the activity.

Physical goods

Send canvas prints, shirts, robotically written cards, coasters, calendars, cool!


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