Workshop Facilitation

Consider Piccles your new virtual sticky note.

Adding Piccles to your bag of tricks will spice up your content and while being easy for everyone (even Linda from accounting) to participate. This visual thinking tool can be used for warmups that get the juices flowing, brainstorming, consensus gathering and co-creation. It's also a lot of fun. Carl in operations even said so!

Don't forget to have fun!


Create a mindset shift

Through drawing?

As a facilitator, you know how important it is to visualize ideas. Drawing is a form of visual communication that's stood the test of time, and can convey thoughts and feelings better than words alone.

It's easier to create with constraints, so Piccles let's you customize everything you want to let your audiences imaginations run wild.


Graphic Facilitation

Allow for everyone to be a graphic facilitator and express their unique point of view with a few flicks of the finger. This is easier for you, more fun for your audience, and results in unique user generated content artifacts to share and reference.


What's stopping you from taking action?

Hundreds of consultants, teachers, trainers and facilitators have already used Piccles to increase engagement and connect with their crowd. But don't take our word for it. See what people think of Piccles after using it.


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