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Why is engagement important?

How is it impacted by COVID-19 (Going virtual)?

Understand your event attendees

How to improve engagement?

How to measure event ROI (for engagement)?

What is the future outlook? 


Why is virtual engagement so important?

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Why is engagement so important?

Whether you onboard new employees, consult with executives or plan thousand person conferences, effectively engaging audiences is critical to job success; regardless of position or industry.

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Creativity during virtual events.

Creativity isn't about surviving, it's about thriving. The answer is obvious if you ask any CEO if they would rather survive or thrive. Then why is it that so many corporate cultures stifle creativity in favor of the status quo? 

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What to avoid while transitioning to virtual events. 

If you're new to planning a virtual event, you might be wondering how engage attendees and create meaningful connections.


How is COVID19 impacting the event industry 

  1. New way of working & living 
  2. Zoom fatigue 
  3. Checklist/journey - infographic 

COVID-19 reshaped our way of working

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the workforce at an unprecedented rate. If you still have a job, it's not the same as it was last year. Organizations have had to adapt to remote working quickly, and with that change comes new problems and opportunities. We sent out a survey to learn about this new reality. You and over 1000 of your peers responded. Here are the results. 


Digital Nomad Era

Remote work is exploding in popularity; with it, cities with low rent and fast internet are becoming more attractive to professionals redefining "work" and "life" into one homogenous mix. 

During COVID19 working from home became the new norm. 

This makes our job even more important. Meetings and events function as the glue that holds an organization together. Without cohesion, your team becomes a group, and potentially their unique collective intelligence and problem solving abilities could go wasted.

So if you're the one bringing people together at your organization, rest easy.

Your job is becoming even more important, and difficult. 

But you're not in it alone.


What is Zoom Fatigue?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being packed in consecutive Zoom meetings day after day?

Has it been hard to keep attention during remote meetings or events?

Have you ever felt physically exhausted after sitting in front of your screen for long hours?

If yes, you're probably experiencing the new ''Zoom Fatigue'' phenomena. 


Check list journey


Understand your event attendees

  1. What is the issue of your attendees? (Video)
  2. Event attendee - blog


How do you keep your virtual  attendees interested? 


Understanding your attendees before, during and after the event!

Undoubtedly, you want attendees to be excited about attending your event, to enjoy themselves during the event and to feel it was worthwhile afterwards. It won't be difficult if you start by following these recommendations across the three stages of your event!


How to improve engagement?

  1. Virtual networking - blog
  2. Tips for speakers - blog
  3. Tools that inspire actions - blog
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Virtual Networking 

Shaking hands, exchanging business cards and making eye contacts are how we build professional connections at events. When these face-to-face interactions disappear in to the virtual setting, it begs the question: how do we connect at virtual events?

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Tips for speakers

Does a virtual setting make your content more engaging? I hope the answer is yes. However, since your audience is at their home office, coffee shop, or back yard, there are many things that can distract them from your presentation

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Engagement Tools

From our Virtual Meeting Case Study  with 1000+ participants, engagement is the word appeared the most across all industries when participants were asked about their desire for virtual meetings.


How to measure event ROI (for engagement)?

  1. Ways to measure ROI - blog
  2. Participation data or number of drawings collected vs number of people who signed up for the event. Graphic
  3. Feedback and review

Ways to measure ROI 


Participation Data


Feedback & Reviews


What is the future outlook?

  1. Blog post new way of living (digital nomad, remote workers)
  2. Blog post about new platforms/tools
  3. New interaction ways 

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New way of living 

This is a short description about the project that informs readers about the main challenge.

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New tools to engage 

This is a short description about the project that informs readers about the main challenge.

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New way of interacting

This is a short description about the project that informs readers about the main challenge.

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