Coronavirus' effect on the way we connect.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the workforce at an unprecedented rate. If you still have a job, it's not the same as it was last year. Organizations have had to adapt to remote working quickly, and with that change comes new problems and opportunities. We sent out a survey to learn about this new reality. You and over 1000 of your peers responded. Here are the results. 

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We started by crunching the numbers 

High frequency

88% of people have meetings at least every week.

Multiple teams

45% of people have 4 or more teams within their responsibilities.

Mediocre quality

50% of people rated their meeting quality below 6.67. (on a scale from 1 to 10).

Less engaging

73% of people work on other things during meetings.


And when asked

"what do you wish you could do in virtual meetings ?"

These words showed up the most. 

It's clear everyone is feeling less connected with the lack of body language and ability to read a room.


We drilled deeper into the data

To understand trends across industries. 


27% of people thought their organizations were not prepared for virtual meetings.


Why is it important to run a good virtual meeting?

It's not just about the experience with virtual meetings, but more about creating a better work place.  

Productivity and Efficiency

Being able to build relationships and effectively work as teams during virtual meetings would boost productivity.

Adaptability to disruptions

The ability to implement great ways of virtual meetings shows your organization's adaptability to disruptions and changes.

Corporate work  culture

More personal interaction, collaboration and engagement lead to an energetic and collegial work culture even while at home.

Business performance

The more satisfied your employees are, the better business performance your organization would have.


4 elements of a good virtual meeting.

  1. Interacting with your colleagues more personally is the way to maintain the same energy that is cultivated in the office.
  2. Having a more cohesive collaboration is the way to bring people together to build relationships and effectively work as teams.
  3. Gauging attention and engagement is the way to provide a more immersive experience in order to work efficiently.
  4. Demonstrating in more visual ways in virtual meetings is the way to mitigate the lack of creative expression and authenticity.

How can we improve virtual meetings?

I wish to have better visual types of tools for collaboration.

Project Manager

Meets everyday with six to nine teams

Being able to brainstorm in real-time using a whiteboard would be better.

Manager, Digital Engagement

Meets every week with three teams

Create the same sense of engagement from the team that is possible in physical meetings.

Scrum Master

Meets everyday with four to five teams

I wish I could read body language of my teammates.


Meets every day with two teams


Want to improve?

We're here to help you ❤️

Piccles is a visual communication tool to keep you interacted and engaged during virtual meetings and events.

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