Discover how companies use Piccles, excite their audiences and awaken the untapped creativity in everyone!


Get your audience on stage when you use Piccles as an icebreaker to kick off your conference! Use it during the waiting moments in between keynotes or to wrap it up. Increase your reach by allowing remote attendees to participate from their home or office. 

Customize questions and branding to collect data or sell it as a sponsorship opportunity.


Start the meeting with an icebreaker, use it as a digital sticky note for idea generation or after the meeting for a team retrospective. 

Quick and simple for everyone to participate.

The collective visuals created are easy to share and serve as an attractive artifact to remember and reference after the meeting.


Engage your remote workers and let everyone participate in decision making, idea generation and sharing of feelings.  A more immersive and interactive meeting means your audiences attention doesn't wander back into their inbox. 

Use it as an icebreaker; ask "What went well this week?" and share your screen for the responses to start pouring in.


Draw people to your space when you deploy Piccles on any screen to kicks off conversations and capture data.

Incentivize participation with prizes and share out the beautiful images after the event for an easy follow-up.  


Encourage equal participation from introverts and extroverts.  Whether you're on boarding new employees or engaging your students, active learning with Piccles can help information become knowledge.

Drawing is a universal form of communication. Now you can use it to learn. 

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