Team Building 

Remote Employees are facing an interesting challenge with this unprecedented time. As less and less remote employees get an in-person communication, it's easy to drift from your Corporate Culture, you took so long to create.

So get your group of people and create amazing bonding session. With events and activities that will activate their creativity, increase motivation, make your attendees feel less alone, and enhance cooperation! 

Don't forget to have fun.


Team Building Activities

You can do with Piccles very easily


Would you rather ______ or _______? 

Create an interesting debate or questioning within your team. Show your remote workers just how similar or different they are within one team, to understand how they collaborate better together. 

Ask for example "Would you rather have more love or more fun?" and let them draw their answer to unlock creativity. 


Draw your super power.

Show the skills of your team, and their vision of the world by asking them to draw their super power. 

Reflecting about what is great about them, what skill they can enhance, or what they think is important to change in our society will create connection and compassion.  


Describe a picture/artwork/word to your audience

Describe a picture to your audience and let their imagination flow, and draw what they are thinking you describing. You can promote any drawings, give comments, and watch the drawings appearing on the screen. 



The bucket list challenge.

Ask your team to draw one thing from their bucket list. Help your remote workers to connect with each other by highlighting their common interest, dreams, and vision.  


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