The Squad

Meet the passionate, productive people part of the Piccles party. 

The Big Dill

Chris started the journey of a lifetime after leaving a soul-crushing corporate job and founding Piccles. Now he's passionate about helping others realize their creative potential.

The Designer

Julia is the Director of Design and French Facilitator. Passionate by art, graphic design, yoga and spirituality, she imbues the mana from her home island of Tahiti into everything she creates.

Das Pixel Pro

If there's a problem, yo he'll solve it; from bad design to product scope Krishen is our man to resolve it

The Coding Beauty

Able to control the strings of her violin as easily as the strings in her code, Jihyeon is a renaissance woman with a heart of gold.

The Master Builder

What happens with Jimmy and his computer between the hours of 12AM - 4AM is nothing short of miraculous.

Phil Piccles

The event industry veteran who can speak anything into existence and collects iconic Hollywood artifacts.


The Mentor

Able to speak computer from an early age, Ziad levels-up everyone around him and hasn't met a bug he couldn't squash.


The ones who got us here 

Meet the team that learned and grew with us along the way 


The Saving Grace

Essam joined the team as an iOS developer and turned a pile of parts into a polished platform ready to push to the app store.


The Fixer

Nasana used her eye for design to transform a logo into a brand, but her talents impacted every aspect of the company.


The Eye Candy 

The only thing Sagar likes more than beautiful design, are colossal stacks of chocolate chip pancakes. He brought both to the team.


The Magician 

One part engineer, one part artist and two parts initiator, Shakti runs on innovation, coffee and creative change.


The Energy Whisper

Ideas, enthusiasm and high-fives erupted from Nelson the second he set foot in the office.

The Social Czar

Cutting deals and driving social medias interactions are all a days work for Foteh as he nurtured followers into fanatics.

The Man with a Plan 

Westley whipped up a business plan so clear and complete, the only thing left was to hit GO.

The Hustler

Honing his skills to launch his own business one day, Jake gets things done before most people know their things.

The Influencer

Just as comfortable behind the camera as in front, Zeyna captures experiences and transforms them into stories.


We're learning, and growing

Piccles is made up of curious, creative and growth minded people passionate about making a more interesting, beautiful world. If that sounds like you and you're not an asshole, we'd love to have you join the journey!

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