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Team Building

Draw your team together with customizable questions led by a facilitator. Includes a digital souvenir after the experience.

$44 / person

  • Perfect for distributed teams

  • 6 connection building questions

  • Custom Graphic featuring your teams artwork

  • 1 Hour Event Virtual Event with your team


Event + Video

A fun facilitator to set up and run everything for you with the creation of a custom video (24 hr turnaround) made from all your drawings.


  • Perfect for all-hands meetings

  • Up to 500 people

  • Video Creation

  • A fun facilitator to set up and run everything for you

  • Available in 15 - 30 minute experiences

  • Virtual only


500+ Event

Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid experiences for your whole company, community or fanbase.

Contact Us!

  • Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid

  • Facilitator

  • Custom Graphics, videos and swag

  • 24h/7 support

  • Start with a free 30 minute call to discuss your event


Frequently asked questions.

  • What kind of customization is available?

    You can customize the logo displayed, question asked and color palette your audience uses for a fully branded experience

  • What happens if an inappropriate drawing appears?

    Fear not, we've built a moderation view to quickly hide any inappropriate drawings. For tighter control, you can also turn off "Real Time Reveal" and approve each drawing that shows up on the board.

  • How long does it takes to create a video?

    You will receive the first draft of the video within 8 hours of the final Piccles activity and have two rounds of edits to ensure it's exactly how you want. You will receive the final video within 24 hours with full permissions to use however you'd like.

  • Does Piccles work with tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams

    It does! Any virtual tool that allows for screen-sharing can incorporate Piccles for a seamless attendee experience and let you use the video conferencing tool you are already familiar with.

  • How does my audience participate?

    No installation or download is required. Your audience can join by scanning the QR code or following the access link. They can then participate through the internet connected device they used to join.

  • Do you provide any discounts for non-profits?

    We love supporting causes that make the world a better place! Contact us at to see if your organization is eligible.


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