Activating Public Spaces

Enabling citizens, students and six-year-olds to play a part in the discussion



From cavemen to Egyptians and now you! Using imagery to express thoughts and ideas is a timeless human behavior.


Transcending class, culture, and language to let everyone participate and feel heard and seen.


By seeing how each other is REALLY feeling, we can understand each other on a more human level.


Public Spaces

Transform any screen into an interactive experience that sparks connection and conversation.

Metro Station Activation

The cold November night didn't stop Montrealers from leaving their mark on the city, but the coolest part? The conversations sparked as people share the meaning of their drawing.

The canal goes hybrid

Hundreds walk the canal every night, but even more are stuck at home. From the couch or the street, this hybrid experience with QDI engaged hundreds of people and collected .

Town Square

Coming soon, Piccles turnkey public activation


Special Celebrations

From Earth Day to Pride Month, Piccles is enabling all ages to play an active part in the festivities.

Pride, Love and Rainbows

The Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center recorded record employee engagement during their pride celebration.

Draw a tree, plant a tree

For Earth Day 2021 we promised to plant a tree for every tree drawn. Publications like this one picked it up and 450 trees later, a digital forest and a real forest was born.

What's your dream?

The Montgomery County's Martin Luther King ceremony was going virtual and needed to keep audiences engaged throughout the prerecorded content. It was stressful and successful - and the finished product: inspiration. Read more.



If you have a non-profit and would like to create an event to sensitized people or get your volunteers excited, we have a solution for you!

Working in development? We can also help



Around the world teachers are engaging their students, measuring understanding and bringing joy back into the classroom.

Each semester since 2018 over 500 students use Piccles to share their experiences, create content and interact like never before.

Piccles DREW a crowd as part of the MIT Creative Arts Competition.

On the tiny island with a big heart, Tahitians used Piccles to explore and understand their flourishing tourism industry.


How does it work?

Choose questions

A prompt gets your audience focused in the right direction

Collect drawings

Easy for everyone to use, works on all devices, and integrates with a ton of other platforms


Contemplate, appreciate, and discuss your batch of Piccles. Then repurpose them to share with the world.


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