Single Event Pricing

For your one-off event

Annual Pricing

If you have more than 3-4 events per year, it makes sense to get a license.

Pick your extras.

After you have the live Piccles experience, these extras will make those memories last a lifetime.

Smart mobile app

Recap Video

Highlight the creativity of your audience and share this collectively created video as the perfect ending to your event.

From $650

Call booth

Live Facilitator

A trained Piccles Professional takes the pressure off you to set up and deliver the experience.

From $275

Smar devices

Physical Artifacts

Great giveaways to remember the experience and delight your VIP's.

From $75

Frequently asked questions.

  • What kind of customization is available?

    You can customize the logo displayed, question asked and color palette your audience uses. You can also customize the unique code used to log in

  • What happens to the drawings after the event?

    If a Piccles Facilitator is running your event, they will sent you screenshots and downloads of each individual Piccle for you to repurpose into whatever content you'd like. They're yours! If you have an annual subscription, your drawings are accessible forever.

  • Do you provide any discounts for non-profits?

    We would love to support you in your cause! From fundraising to member engagement, we'd love to help however we can. Contact us at to see if your organization is eligible.

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