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Piccles is a fun, light, and easy way to engage audiences in meetings, events, and workshops.

Proven to enhance the joy and reduce mental strain, we create experiences that make everyone feel really really good

Designed to enhance every part of your event.

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Engage virtually everyone. Email and social media campaigns that build a buzz.

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Kicking things off

Amplify the energy of the room with keynotes, Icebreakers and energizers.

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Connect creatively with brainstorming, break activities or booth activations.

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Wrapping it up

Give everyone the feeling of one big group hug, whether in-person or virtual.

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After the event

Share cool content with the audience to remember the experience.


Watch Piccles in action

Creative Q&A, prompts and activities let everyone participate, and anonymity ensure they show up as their authentic self.

If you're curious to learn more, join our weekly webinar for a live tour of the tech and answers to all your questions.


Extend the reach of your event

After the Piccles activity, you now have heaps of colorful content that can be repurposed into data visualizations, videos, logos, and shirts.

These make great souvenirs to give to your audience so they can remember and share the experience with others.

Where the magic happens 👇

It takes 20 seconds to get up and running on Piccles. Try it out! Just to scan the QR code with your phone and start scribbling. No phone? Click here.


Customer happiness stories

Case study

Conference icebreaker

National Association of Realtors

10,000-person conference kickoff, breakout meeting, icebreakers and doodles of promotional content that came from it.

Case study

Email marketing campaign

Nurse-Family Partnership Association

Reaching out to their community of new moms to draw "How your nurse made a difference in your life?", the NFPA captured the impact of their work to share with the world.

Case study

Workshop engagement

Never Been Done Festival

This workshop became a WALKshop as participants walked through their environment sketching what they could see.


Make your next event your best one.


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