Re-Purpose your Audience Answers

Give more power to your audience by repurposing their drawings into marketing opportunities. Giving your attendees a souvenir that last for a lifetime!



We create videos using the contents and creation of your virtual crowd. Making sure everyone is seen and heard. Not for the light hearted as our videos might make your tear up!

A quarantine story

Students of Umass draw how the pandemic affected their life, studies, vision of the world, activities, and more.

480 drawings.


Cheers to Planet IMEX

We asked 250 Meeting Planners around the World, "What drink would help you right now?"

250 drawings.


The EVENT Dare to Share

20 days before 100's of meeting planners were suppose to gather in Toronto, The Event had to cancel due to Covid 19 health concerns. Here is their story.

300 drawings



The MPI Woman's Advisory Invited Colleagues and Friends, to draw their thoughts and feelings about 2020.

180 drawings

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