Virtual Icebreaker

Increase the energy, engagement and attention of your audience in less than 10 minutes.

...and don't forget to have a lot of fun while doing it.


Why Virtual Icebreakers?


It creates social cohesion

Icebreakers are use to connect your virtual audience. With everything being online at the moment, it becomes essential to engage your crowd during your virtual events. Getting their interest awaken during those first 10 minutes, will lead to a more enriched experience. And you want your experience to last.


Get to know your crowd

Ask Icebreaking question that will show your crowd how much you care about how they are doing. If they feel cared about, heard, and part of the team, your audience has a higher chance to spread integrate the information you are giving them at a higher rate.


Choose your question

We love a great questions!

A question can unlock your minds and excite imaginations.

So start with your goal, whether it's:

  • Spread optimism
  • Understand feelings and capture ideas
  • Create a transformational shift in mindsets
  • Make your crowd reflect

Whatever you're trying to accomplish we have a question for it.


Concrete Exemple

What has the Coronavirus made you grateful for?

The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. Research shows that taking time to notice and reflect upon the things we are thankful for, ultimately lead to more positive emotions, enhance moods, make us feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness... and even make our immune systems stronger.

Help your virtual attendees to feel all of that by starting your virtual event with a question that will make the world... well a little bit better!


Include a Piccles Icebreaker at your next event

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