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1. Ask a Question

Getting to know eachother, brainstorming ideas or diving into difficult discussions all start with the right question. Get inspiration from our question bank.


2. Scan a Code

Your audience can use any phone or tablet to scan the QR code for immediate access with no login required.

Integrates easily with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other platforms.


3. Start a Drawing

Everyone uses their devices to draw with the custom color palette you selected. Try it out for yourself and leave your response to "what gives you joy?" here 👉


4. Real Time Reveal

Each brush stroke appears in real time to display a flurry of coordinated creativity. Double click any drawing to enlarge it and lead the discussion.

This is where the magic of the facilitator comes in. A tool is only as good as the person using it. Get facilitation tips and best practices by joining our facilitator community coming soon.


Get answers to the most common questions


Step by step video guide for using Piccles


Still not sure how it all works?

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