How it works

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Create an Activity

Get started in three easy steps

  1. Choose a question 
  2. Create a unique code or select QR Code Quickstart
  3. Customize the color palette 

Need help choosing a question? Get some inspiration from our Hall of Fame.

Invite your Audience

Your activity is set, now it's time to go live with your audience

  1. Share your screen through Zoom, Teams or your preferred web conferencing tool
  2. Instruct your attendees to take out their phones/tablets to participate
  3. Share login instructions or QR code for instant access

Point out the features

The controls are deliberatively primitive so there's no learning curve, just creativity

  1. Point out the undo button (top left corner) and brush size selector (above the color palette)
  2. Reassure the timid ones - it's anonymous!
  3. Hit "Done" then "Draw again" to make another Piccle. These art supplies are free!

Control the experience

Open up the moderation panel on your smartphone or another tab on your computer to control what your audience sees.

  1. Highlight/promote drawings to talk about them
  2. Delete inappropriate drawings
  3. Advance to the next question

And there you have it! You can download these instructions in PDF to share with your team here:

After the activity

Congratulations! You just had a fun, engaging experience with your audience. But it doesn't stop there:

  1. Grab a screenshot of the collage to share
  2. Download all of your drawings
  3. Turn them into data visualizations, Gif's and recap videos.

Check out this page which features some of the content that's been created with Piccles

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