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Schools, Governments, Non-profits and Community Organizations

Health & Wellness

Hospitals, Art Therapy, and Healthier digital diets

Why Piccles?

If you're asking about the name, it comes from a combination of Picture + Pixel. A Piccle is a little picture, and Piccles are a lot of them!

But if you're wondering why our clients works with us...

Part of a balanced digital diet

Doomscrolling Twitter and devouring the news might feels good in the moment, but leaves us more anxious and isolated than before. Piccles is like a Ceasar salad for your soul, leaving you feeling more connected, inspired and whole.

A Recipe for Success

for your audience to share their thoughts and ideas, understand eachother, and feel part of the big picture.

Free samples!

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Want to see it in action?

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Cooked up in the MIT Creative Arts Competition

And since then we've worked with some incredible companies

Get started in minutes

1. Customize your activity

Select your questions, upload your logo and choose your colors to match your brand.

2. Share with your audience

For events we integrate well with Zoom, Teams and most virtual event platforms.

Engagement Campaigns are only limited by your imagination, and can be shared through email, social media, Slack and secret QR codes.

Go live, and watch the Piccles pour in.

3. Cherry on top

After collecting your Piccles, you can transform them into shareable snackable content like murals, data visualizations, and videos.

Check out what we've created in the past. You can do it yourself, or let us help you.