Juice your community with creativity, connection and color.

Piccles digital engagement tools bring people together in shared human experiences. From classrooms to conferences, everyone can express their authentic selves while playing a part in the big picture.


Cooked up in the MIT Creative Arts Competition and collaborating with some incredible companies since 2016

What is Piccles?

plural nounpiccles; pronunciation: pi·klz

  1. a collection of small drawings made in response to a prompt
"Asking the people "What is your dream?" resulted in some inspiring Piccles"

Origin: a combination of Pictures + Pixels

See also: fun, polling, whiteboard, qualitative data, video below 👇


Something for almost* everyone.

*If authentic expression would cripple your company, club or community then Piccles is not for you.

Meeting & Events

Virtual, Hybrid, Face-to-Face, Workshops and Teambuilding

Activating Spaces

Classrooms, Governments, Non-profits and Community Organizations


Hospitals, Art Therapy, Group Therapy, and Healthier Digital Diets

Our process

Get up and running in less than 48 hours

Set up

Get started in 10 minutes ⏱


  1. Create Piccles account
  2. Choose questions
  3. Customize colors & logos


Live, Virtual, or a bit of both


  1. Present to your audience
  2. Let them draw their hearts out
  3. Highlight drawings and lead discussion


The cherry 🍒 on top


  1. Data visualizations
  2. Engaging graphics and Gif's
  3. Custom branded storytelling videos.


Get started now


Not sure where to begin? Have a quick demo and chat about your dreams 👉

In 30 minutes with a Piccles Experience Designer you will:

  • 10 minutes talking about your event, activation or idea
  • 8 minute guided exploration of Piccles
  • 10 minutes Q&A + next steps
  • 2 minutes of your life back to cuddle the cat or fold 8 pieces of laundry

Note: By filling out this form, you are agreeing to make your meeting, event, celebration or community so totally awesome that people won't leave you alone about it. WOW your crowd at your own risk.

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