Virtual Holiday Celebration

It's been another doozie of a year for your team.  

Bring everyone together for some meaningful fun facilitated by a Piccles Professional that puts the perfect bow on this batsh*t crazy year!


The Experience

We'll help you customize questions that spark stories, lead to conversation, and acknowledge your team. Everyone can draw their answers using their favorite device for a creative way of engaging from the comfort of their own homes.

Ask ?'s, receive drawings

A flood of color fills your computer as everyone uses their smartphones to draw their thoughts and feelings in real-time.

We'll help you set up questions that:

  • Keep it fun 😆
  • Reflect on the year 🧐
  • Go deep 🤯

Memorialize the Experience

We will repurpose your team's amazing artwork into:

  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Canvas prints for the office
  • Custom branded recap videos

Ready in less than 48 hrs

We make it super simple to deliver an unforgettable end-of-year celebration.

  • Up to 2,000 live participants
  • Integrates with Zoom, Webex, and any other platform
  • Everyone uses their own smartphone to contribute


Priced to be a no-brainer



  • Single event subscription - no facilitator

  • Up to 200 people

  • Email support



  • 60 Minute facilitated teambuilding experience

  • Up to 50 people

  • Hands on service + support



  • 30 Minute all-hands experience

  • Up to 2000 people

  • *Custom video included


Ready to jump in?


To get started, leave us some info.

A Piccles Pro will reach out within 24 hours with the next steps on how we can work with you to close out this year with a bang!

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