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  • Is Piccles Free?

    Yes! As a free user you can create as many activities as you'd like for up to 15 people. If you would like to use Piccles with a larger audience, you will need to upgrade your account.

  • What happens to the drawings after an activity?

    All Piccles are automatically saved. You can download them as individual PNG's or take a screenshot of the board to quickly share the output from your session.

  • How does my audience join?

    No installation or download is required. Your audience can join by scanning the QR code or following the access link. They can then participate through the internet connected device they used to join.

  • What happens if inappropriate drawings appear?

    Fear not, we've built a moderation view to quickly hide any inappropriate drawings. For tighter control, you can also turn off "Real Time Reveal" and approve each drawing that shows up on the board.

  • Does Piccles work with tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams

    It does! Any virtual tool that allows for screen-sharing can incorporate Piccles for a seamless attendee experience.


Creating an activity

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Quickstart: Create your first activity

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After the activity

How to dowload your Piccles

Digital Recap Video

Repurpose the drawings you collect into digital storytelling videos

Data Visualizations


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